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A nice fourree of Gordian III


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I usually don't like fourrees because they are often really blotchy and unattractive. However, sometimes you find one that's just interesting enough to keep.

This Gordie has one side of silvering completely removed, while the other side retains almost all of it.

A very close inspection of the obverse shows some small bubble-looking marks. I wonder if this was caught in a fire that melted the silvering off?



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5 hours ago, Ancient Coin Hunter said:

Don't know why they bothered since the antoniniani were only about 40% silver

The average weight of Gordian III's denarii are 3.14 grams with 1.359 grams of actual silver weight per coin.

Any counterfeiter worth his salt surely knew that copper was far less expensive than silver. It's all about ROI.

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I suppose now is as good a point as any to show off my limes antoninianus, or something along those lines.

100% bronze/copper, no chance of silvering. I thought it was a fourree core, but the strong greenish patina indicates this has to be a bronze piece. However, the patina breaks that expose a low-quality copper core have me wondering what, exactly this is.


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