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Is Time Travel a Real Phenomenon ?

Al Kowsky

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Frequently we all stumble on an article presented on Google that is ridiculous yet purports to be serious 😂. Two days ago Brian Boucher posted this article for artnet newsIs Time Travel Real ? Boucher presents 6 examples supporting this idea 🤨. Pictured below are 3 of the photos in his article.


Greek funerary marble c. 100 BC, Getty Museum. Is the attendant holding a laptop with 2 USB ports ? 😲


                                              Is the boy wearing Nike sneakers in this 17th cen. painting ? 🙄


Is the girl in this mid 19th cen. German painting by George Waldmuller holding a mobile phone ? 😮




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46 minutes ago, Roman Collector said:

Does the reverse on this coin of Theodosius I depict Princess Leia and R2D2? Is that Admiral Akbar's ship in the upper right field?



Wow 😮! I think you're on to something, or on something 😂....

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Was Magnentius in fact a Vulcan and sometimes the engravers were not careful enough to hide his ears?


How to Get the Vulcan Salute Emoji on Your iPhone | Time


Is the Monopoly game much older than we think, dating back from Valerian times or even older? I have a proof of Rich Uncle Pennybags giving Valerian somehting (most likely a the first edition of the game)


Monopoly Guy | art | KUNSTMATRIX

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imagesy.jpg.b43a801129623c8c9e9e3472242f7372.jpgSo, the theory is, if i gallop fast enough, it will alter the time continuum and I will no longer have to fight giant, imagined enemies.

OK, here goes images.jpg.247eb3d2c3ec928dc4870742a96de88b.jpg



Apologies to any Back to the Future fans.

The coin


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15 minutes ago, JeandAcre said:

Where I work, there's an old maintenance guy who believes everything Thor Heyerdahl ever said.  Fun guy to be around.

So, were Robert II and Bishop Adelberon of Laon space aliens? 



No photo description available.

Omg, will no one protect the tacos?

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