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Opinions on a Justin II follis...


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Hello, I'm curious what people's opinions are on this coin. The facial portraits look great, but the bodies of the monarchs seem to often have a lot more detail on them. Is it just unevenly worn? I like it, but I'm unsure about it. Thoughts?


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I think that is a great looking Justin II follis!
I wonder if it wasn't perhaps struck lightly on the right side of the obverse. It looks like Sophia's body and the legend on that side are less detailed?

Either way, It looks WAY better than mine...and I'd be happy to have it in my collection!


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Nice coins!  The OP follis is very sharply struck and very nicely centered.  Great acquisition!

The detail is above average, I think.  The die engraving, typical for the period, is a bit uneven.  There might also be some die wear involved, but for the type that coin is an excellent example.



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Looks fine to me! 


Justin II, AE Follis

Justin II AE Follis

Minted: 570 - 571 AD, at the Constantinople Mint

Weight: 16.3g, Diameter: 30.0mm, Axis: 6H

Nimbate figures of Justin and Sophia seated facing on double throne, holding globus cruciger and cruciform scepter, respectively

Reverse: -,
Large M; A/N/N/O - Ϛ (R.Y. 6) across field, Christogram above, Γ below

Exergue: CON


Reference: SBCV 360

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I have several Byzantine bronzes that need identification and photographing. This coin, a follis of Justin II and Sophia is from the " Moneta Militaris Imitativa" Mint of CYZICUS, I believe.  The style of the letters on the reverse, quite oversized compared to other folles of this emperor, plus the basically oval shaped seated figures on the obverse seem to point in this direction.  The actual location of this mint is unknown, but is assumed to have moved with the army during campaigns in Persia.  It is really quite an unprepossessing coin, but quite interesting historically. 

S J Mansfield published a paper in 2014 on this little known type.

Justin II and Sophia follis, Cyzicus, 565-578 AD, officina A, year ten (frozen RY).

9.66 grams



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Nice coins, everyone! I'm glad that others appreciate the often underappreciated and "strange beauty" or "ugly beauty" of Byzantine coins. I'm still not completely sure why I'm so drawn to them. They have overshadowed my interests in pretty much all other coins at this point. Maybe someday I'll understand it, but it has something to do with their very human imperfections and abstractions. They admittedly don't amaze and stun like many Greek or Roman coins, but they sit somewhere between those earlier coins and later medieval coins in a merging that, for reasons that I still don't fully comprehend, I really like.

As for the original Justin II coin posted, I didn't actually own the coin when posted, but I have since ordered it. I'll post more pictures when it arrives. Thanks for all of the comments on it, they helped me push the button. I had been dithering on doing that for a while.

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That will be a very nice addition to your collection.  

Here's another type of follis issued by Justin II, and far scarcer than the seated coins. 

This coin was part of group lot, from Roma.  Part of the fun with these coins is finding scarce to rare types in multiple coin lots.  Because they can often be challenging to attribute auction houses and even dealers will simply sell these coins in groups, rather than expend the time and expense to writing them up for individual sale.

Justin II, AE follis, Antioch, Year 1,  565/66 AD, officina A

SB 378

15.8 grams


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