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Overweight denarius of Severus Alexander!


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Just recieved my first coin of Severus Alexander, despite his coins being dime a dozen I've never gotten around getting one until now. Couple of reasons why I bought this coin, first it looks fantastic, in fact the best denarius in my collection condition-wise. Also the coin is an oddball weighing at 4.35g! being unusually heavy for the time period. Was this a quality control issue or did a planchet for antoninianus get mixed up?

225 AD, 19mm, 4.35 grams, unusually heavy for a third century denarius.
IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG, laureate and draped bust of Severus Alexander to right.
Reverse - FIDES MILITVM, Fides standing front, head to left, holding two military standards. BMC 220; Cohen 52; RIC 139.
Ex Incitatus Coins.



Please share your Severus Alexanders or any unusually over or underweight denarii.

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Does Severus Alexander have any antoninianii? I thought Elagabalus phased it out and Severus Alexander didn't mint any? Still doesn't exclude a brain fart by the mint-worker who prepares the wrong type of flan that was only in circulation a few years earlier.


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The standard was to mint "x number of coins per pound," not "x number of coins at y grains each." Some of the coins will be heavier than average and some will be lighter than average. No mint error here, just a coin at the right-hand side of the denarius weight bell curve.

Here's a denarius of Severus Alexander from my numophylacium.

IMP SEV ALEXANDER AVG, Caput Alexandri laureatum.
ANNONA AVG, Annona stans, dextra spicas super modium tenet, sinistra anchoram.


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