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Indian Coin ID help


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5 hours ago, Orange Julius said:

I’m just going to drop these here just in case 😬





Any help would be… amazing. Thank you!

Top. Mehmed II b. Murad, 2nd reign, 1451-1481, AR  akche, Adrana mint, AH 865.

Below. Same ruler, reign, denomination and mint. Dated AH 855.

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Islamic, Ottoman Empire. Mehmet II Fatih ('the Conqueror'), second reign: 855 - 886 AH (1451 - 1481), AR Akçes (12mm, 0.72g) [dated 885 AH]

Obv: Mehmed Sultan bin Murad Han

obverse translates to: Mehmed Sultan, son of Murad Khan

Rev: Azze Nasruhu Serez düriba sene 885

reverse translates to : "May he be victorious; struck in Serez year 885" (year outside the planchet)

One of the most important changes in changing the Akçes in 885 was the re-introduction of the title “Sultan”.

- https://www.academia.edu/43509282/Die_Münzen_des_Osmanischen_Reiches_Band_I_Von_den_Anfängen_bis_zum_Untergang_1299_1922_

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