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Mystery Kingdom of Naples Coin (Filippo IV 1 grano?)

The Eidolon

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Got 15 very worn coppers for $15 at a local coin shop.  Most look like Italian States around 1600s.

This one has me stumped.  It's 28 mm, 11.4 g, looks to be copper.  Obverse has an unrecognizable portrait.  Reverse has "PVBLIC COMMO DITAS" in some sort of wreath.  It's very similar to this Filippo IV 3 Tornesi (33 mm) but a bit too small and the inscription has different line breaks.  Several other coins from Naples & Sicily have similar inscriptions, but I haven't been able to find an exact match.  It's about the size of a 1 Grano coin.  Any suggestions?  I know these older Italian States coins can have a lot of a varieties, but it always bugs me to have to give up and assume it's a version not listed in Krause.  Thanks for any help and comments.


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I think your coin can be found in Corpus Nummorum Italicorum (there are a number of volumes).You can find a free online version at Numiswiki and probably elsewhere.It is on page 277 no159 The legend has the same spacing as your coin . There is a dot after the first A (might be off the edge or worn off) If you never been to the Corpus it’s hard to navigate but worth a trip.There are multiple variants of your coin type.Hope this helps.

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