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Four Auctions in One Week

Roman Collector

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Threw some bids on ebay, the past few days, lost them all. Still some strong numbers being brought in, even on there.

I never bother with the overseas auctions. The countless threads on the drama and cost that get posted about them.😮‍💨

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13 minutes ago, Hesiod said:

I suspect both @Deinomenid and @Kazuma78 are referring to the Nomos 26 auction (Sans Pareille), which I am personally also very excited for

Yep! I know fractions aren't as popular, but I really enjoy them and this auction was really fun to see pop up. Really hoping to add 1 or 2 more from this collection. In some ways, fractions are more impressive to me when they are well engraved because of their size and the necessary skill of the engraver to get fine details on such a small canvas. Super cool, in my opinion. 


Here are a few of my small gold/silver fractions that I've really enjoyed picking up so far:



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8 hours ago, Roman Collector said:

Man, I practically busted my budget at Roma yesterday and I have bids in at three auctions this weekend. 😮 Anyone else binge-bidding?

Being a devoted collector is not far from obsession or even a kind of addiction. It can be extremely fulfilling but can also make people push their limits. I would imagine binging is not uncommon. 


I hope you recover well and are fit again by the time of the NAC tournament in May.

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What's worse than being outbid by just a tiny amount?

Being outbid by nothing at all!

Grr...still frustrated. I had the winning bid on a lot for at least a week or two prior to the auction. Then the lot goes live (while I am at work) and 15 minutes later I check and it sold for my max bid, but not to me. The way the system worked placed me at a disadvantage even though I'd had the winning bid well in advance of everyone else.

Oh well. First world problems, I guess!



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I believe once I was bidding against myself during earlier Roma times.

I put a generous prebid. Eventually, I was able to join live bidding and could not know if it was my bid winning…
I really wanted the coin… 
I bid live… 
I won. 

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I ended up with five coins from three auctions, one of which was delivered Wednesday (Savoca FTW!), and another two that are scheduled to be delivered today. Two haven't even been shipped yet by the auctioneer. 😢 Thankfully, my tax refunds arrived this past week.

Celebrate Make It Rain GIF by Hello All

Here's the sole arrival:


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