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Massive Alexander Tetradrachm!


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My recent addition, I've always wanted one of these later tetradrachms issued in the name of Alexander, interesting how the fabric changed from chunky high relief coin with short diameter to these large coins, yet weighing less than the former ones. 

Albeit a budget example, I still like the obverse that shows Herakles/Alexander chubby!


In name of Alexander III, Aeolis, Temnos mint

circa 188-170 BC, 35 mm., 15.2 g.
Obv: Head of Heracles wearing lion skin headdress.

Rev: Zeus Aëtophoros seated holding eagle and sceptre; monogram and E above knee, oinochoe within vine tendril at feet.

Price 1676. 

Ex Andre Chicos (Ma-shops)

Here are my varying sizes of Alexanders, a drachm and a Babylonian lifetime tetradrachm compared with the Temnos tetradrachm. 


Please share your Alexanders or any large flan ancient silvers.

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Love seeing some Alexanders! I really must get one of those oinochoe types some day, there are some great dies from that series. So far I've been deprioritising these later lifetime types but eventually I'll get around to buying more of them.

In the meantime, here's one I do own, which is easily the largest of all my Alexander tetradrachms, next to my smallest Alexander tetradrachm. They're also representing the biggest difference in minting date too, the small one from 332 BC and the large one from approximately 200-190 BC.


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Aeolis, Temnos, 188 - 170 BC
Silver Tetradrachm, 35mm, 15.79 grams
Obverse: Laureate head of Herakles right wearing lion skin.
Reverse: Zeus enthroned left holding eagle and scepter, monogram above oinochoe below vine tendril in left field.
Price1678 // SCBC356

Struck on a broad flan, original find patina.

Ex Ken Dorney

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