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Well, I'm on fire for ancients but what do I like best?


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Generally as a new collector, I am mostly learning about the history of rulers and deities.

This made me realize there are two roads I can travel. Reality or Mythology. Has this ever dawned on anyone else? Both interest me but like Yogi Berra once said . . .

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

I am probably more inclined to learn the stories of the gods. Probably in the direction of Greek. I collected coins, lots of them, then later in life I got more interested in exonumia, folklore, heroes, historical people, events etc. Now I ended up here. I wish I had taken more interest earlier in life with ancient coins and all there is about them to learn but this is still quite fun. Always something new to learn. And another thing, you can hold them and touch them. That is new for me.

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Despite me being interested in collecting coins from an early age (my Granny got me interested in 1967 Centennial coins), it took me 40-50 years for me to discover ancient coins

=> they fricken ROCK!!

Man, there are soooo many cool coin-avenues (I always loved animal-coins, weapons and ships ... oh, and buildings ... oh, and, and ...)

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Everyone pursues his hobby in his own way. And this is also completely legitimate. I can only say what I like about collecting these old coins.

I do not just buy a coin and put it in the closet like a trophy that is only there to look at. I love learning new things in history. And ancient coins "force" me to do so.

When I get a coin, I want to know who the ruler was and how he ruled? What is the meaning of the reverse? What kind of deity is it? What was the name of the city where the coin was minted? Where was it located? Are there any excavations there? 

And even though I've been interested in history since school, it still happens that I read about people I've never heard of or places I didn't know existed. 

I think it's great to keep learning new things.

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