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New Vitellius dynastic type pick-up!


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Managed to win this coin at last E-auction of CNG. Another key piece I wanted for my Vitellius collection. Although Vitellius his reign was brief, he nevertheless attempted to use his coin designs to demonstrate his legitimacy for the position of emperor and the fact that he came with a ready-made 'dynasty'. The reverse here is the more interesting side with a celebration of Vitellius' son and daughter, with the Legend LIBERI IMP GERMAN - 'Children of the Emperor Germanicus'. The son, far from the adult portrait on the coin - was a mere six years old at the time of his father's seizure of the Principate. Vitellius presented him to the army upon reaching Lugdunum, naming him Germanicus and at the same decorating him with all the insignia of his imperial position. Ultimately, this elevation of the son would be used as an excuse by Mucianus, Vespasian's adviser and 'dirty deed doer', to execute the boy in in AD 70, arguing that dissension would continue until all the seeds of war were stamped out. Vitellius' daughter, Vitellia, would fare better under Vespasian, allowing him the opportunity to show that key quality of a Roman victor: clemency. He married her to a husband of the noblest birth.

Share your Vitellius coins 😄


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Vitellius (69 A.D.)
AR Denarius
O: A VITELLIVS GERMAN IMP TR P,Laureate head right.
R: S P Q R / OB / C S in three lines within wreath.
Rome Mint, 69 A.D.
RIC I 83; RSC 86.

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What a fantastic, unusual coin! Congratulations. My one Vitellius isn't in great condition -- and that's one sad-looking dolphin! -- but his name is readable, so it met my most important requirement:



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Roman Egypt, Alexandria. Vitellius, AD 69. Billon Tetradrachm (24.5mm, 13.01g, 12h). Dated RY 1 (AD 69). Obv: ΩΛOY OYIT KAIΣ ΣЄB ΓЄPM [AYT]; Laureate head right. Rev: Nike advancing left, holding wreath with her extended right hand and palm frond with her left; L A (date) in field to left. Ref: Köln 260-2; Dattari (Savio) 340; K&G 19.1; RPC I 5372; Emmett 196.1 (R1). Very Fine, toned, minor deposits. Ex Naville Numismatics 40 (27 May 2018), lot 359 (where it is stated that this coin is from the Dattari collection, but it is neither of the two coins illustrated in the Dattari-Savio plates – nos. 340 and 6683). Ex CNG eAuction 457 (4 Dec 2019), Lot 216. 


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Much better than my example:


Denarius, Rome, AD 69
Obv.: A VITELLIVS GERM IMP AVGVST TR P, laureate head right
Rev.: LIBERI IMP GERM AVG, confronted draped busts of Vitellius' son (on left) and daughter (thought to have been named Vitellius Germanicus and Vitellia)
Ag, 3.090g, 18.1mm, 180o
Ref.: RIC² 103, RSC II 2, BMCRE I 29, BnF III 62


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That's a nice coin with an interesting piece of history that I didn't know. Here's my one Vitellius.


Vitellius AR Denarius
Rome, 69 CE
 2.62g, 18mm, 6h.
A VITEL[LIV]S GERM IMP AVG TR P, laureate head to right / XV VIR SACR FAC, tripod-lebes surmounted by dolphin, raven standing to right below
RIC I 109; BMCRE 39; RSC 111

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Very nice dynastic issue - all 3 portraits are well done.

Here is my one Vitellius...

AR Denarius (19 mm, 2.93 grams, 6h), Struck late April – 20 December A.D. 69, Rome mint

Obverse:  A VITELLIVS GERMAN IMP TR P, bare head right

Reverse: Victory seated left, holding patera and palm frond

References: RIC I 88 variety (bust type); BMCRE I 19 

Auction: Kölner Münzkabinett 117 (October 28, 2022), lot 400

Provenance: Ex Münz Zentrum Rheinland 164 (January 9, 2013), lot 378

Vitellius RIC 88 denarius.png

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