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Roman Hoard Found Yesterday


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1 hour ago, Ancient Coin Hunter said:
  • Kudos to the discoverer. Sort of run-of-the-mill LRBS I would guess. Must have had some value or they would not have been hoarded.

Yes I would guess either it isn't a 'hoard' as such, just someone's spare cash, or there are more coins in the ground nearby.

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An individual's savings perhaps. I see what looks like several bits of ceramic in the tub - shards of the vessel in which the coins were buried? There is no minimum number to constitute a "hoard". It's more about how the objects came to be where they were found, i.e. by "hoarding". To qualify as "treasure", if I read the regulation correctly, coins found together must be at least 300 years old and number two or more if precious metal, otherwise 10 or more.

The latest coins I can readily identify in the photo are 'Gloria Exercitus' with two standards, though some of the smaller coins may be the later 'single standard' variety (or imitations). I don't see any Fel Temp coins, so I think we can place the deposition between c. 335 and 348.

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1 hour ago, Ancient Coin Hunter said:

FEL TEMPS are sort of like "Make Rome great again!" to coin a phrase. 🙃

Or like FDR's theme of "Happy Days are Here Again," which was the semi-official song of the Democratic Party for decades.

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