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New brick in the wall...


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Oh, and...


*I believe it's the front half of a dog paw

I owe this beauty to my dear buddy @bcuda on CT. Concerning is that he and I took up some good time conversing back and forth but he hasn't been active on CT nor here since January. His last two posts were for the post em game and lastly a nice compliment and dropping of knowledge in a big RR bronze coin post I'd done

@bcuda where you at?

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9 hours ago, galba68 said:

I give this brick with dog/lynx footprint on it, to a friend in exchange for some coins, but he gave it back to me after few years..This time,it will stay with me!!!

Its massive, 44cmX29cm, 13 kg..



Wow. Fantastic! Did you find it yourself?

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14 hours ago, DonnaML said:

Wow. Fantastic! Did you find it yourself?

Hi Donna, I found that brick at the very edge of the field..Farmers are bothered by these large bricks and stones when cultivating the field, so they throw them at the end of the fields, outside the arable land..The farmer told me, that many years ago, all the farmers who have land in that area, gathered those bricks and marble slabs into one pile and took it to local landfill..To my horror, he added, that some marble slabs had inscriptions, but they could not read it!

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21 hours ago, Ryro said:

I sure do love your collection of animal prints on bricks😍How many do you have at this point?

Hi Ryro, how are you? For now, I have 8 bricks, over 5-6 I gave as a gift..I found a professional photographer who would photograph all the bricks, and I will publish on Shutterstock platform..I think thats a good idea...

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