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Is this Swastika or other graffiti?


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I have this tetradrachm in my collection for a couple of years now, and only today when I was checking out my coins I noticed this peculiar symbol of auspiciousness in Buddhism/Hinduism, I happened to have a different lighting which probably made it more apparent.  



Anyways I wondered if it might've been just a scratch while at my possession, so I brought up the seller's image (who happens to be Zumbly!), and noticed the same graffiti on his image. 


Kassander - Antigonos II Gonatas?
Uncertain mint, circa 310-275 BC
29mm, 16.38g.
Price 879

It is possible that this coin could've circulated in the far eastern lands like Afghanistan/central Asia which by that time followed Buddhism.

So what do you guys think?

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16 minutes ago, Roman Collector said:

I think it's more likely to be pareidolia.

Thanks @Roman Collector. I learned a new word : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia 

I agree. To me, it looks like random scratches, which happen to look vaguely like a partial swastika. It seems to me, that if it were an intentional swastika, then it would be more prominent and definite and complete, and the horizontal crossbar would be 1 continuous scratch, rather than 2 disjointed scratches (the right portion of the horizontal crossbar is lower than the left portion).

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