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Check out my latest coin... that I already had/ Good job dummy, you bought a coin type that you already owned


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Yerp, I've had two weeks to realize that I DIDN'T need this coin. I was pretty jazzed to notice a countermarked Megas MSC in today's Savoca auction:


Antiochos III 'the Great' Æ17. 4.60 gr, Military mint in Coele-Syria, circa 202-187 BC. Macedonian shield with gorgoneion in central boss / Elephant walking right; anchor above, monogram under belly, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑNΤΙΟΧΟΥ in two lines in exergue; c/m: horse head right, within round incuse punch. SC - , cf. 1089.2; 

nearly very fine. From the Tareq Hani (anyone know who this guy is/was? I swear half of the coins Savoca sells come from this dude) collection. Purchased from Savoca Feb 2023

I was stoked enough to plan on paying considerably more for that rad horse. But won it... for peanuts😉!

Only when looking for other examples I came across this coin that was up for sale about a year ago with an even better countermark, that I immediately recognized as a coin I'd been excited about and won:


Antiochos III 'the Great', 222-187 BC. Ae (bronze, 5.65 g, 21 mm). Military mint in Coele-Syria, circa 202-187 BC. Macedonian shield with facing gorgoneion in central boss. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑNΤΙΟΧΟΥ Elephant walking to right; anchor above. SC 1089.1; HGC 9, 490. Nearly very fine.

Eh, nuts! For the pacaderms of course. 


It's not like I didn't buy a couple versions of the un punched version due to minor variations anyways:



Please, make me feel better and post some coins that you accidently bought the same type of, intentionally bought the same type, Seleucids, MSCs, elephants or anything that might make you say, "eh, nuts!"

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  • Ryro changed the title to Check out my latest coin... that I already had/ Good job dummy, you bought a coin type that you already owned

It happens...

I managed to buy these three examples of Cr. 244/1 in September 2020 - it was only after the first auction that I realised I'd bids in on two more.   Which, in strict compliance with Murphy's Law, I won as well.Cr244_1.jpg.dc3cd121bf92185f72b667c6d289897e.jpgCr244_2.jpg.a134f84a303ddfc1fedd1f0ae8f5b4b2.jpgCr244_3.jpg.992784ea9f64d113c7995678e5fb7387.jpg

It happened again today - I wanted two coins in the Tintinna auction, but ended up with 7 because I watched it live.   One of the coins I wanted wasn't attributed correctly and I won it, so good, but another coin wasn't attributed correctly and with the timer running out, I realised I didn't have the type listed, so clicked a few times and outbid whoever was winning.   Of course, within about 10s of the auction ending I realised that the attribution was wrong and I had a better example of the type already.

Note to self - look at the coins properly before the auction and stick with the plan 😄


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@Ryro you now need to find a specimen with the elephant walking left.



Seleukid, Antiochos III. Fifth Syrian War (202-198 BC)?, 4.65g 17.3mm
(Unofficial imitation of?) Uncertain mint, probably a military mint in Coele-Syria (the modern Beqaa Valley, Lebanon)
Ref: Seleucid Coins — ; Nicholas L. Wright, "Two new imitative issues from the fifth Syrian war (202-198 BCE)", Israel Numismatic Research 2009, page 47, #1
ex-AncientImports.com, April 2008

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Many years ago I owned this coin 

Galerius Ae Follis Alexandria 308-310 AD Obv Head right laureate Rv Genio standing left. 23 mm aprox 6 grms. 


It was a very nice coin and I was happy with it. However when I retired from the Post Office i did a cross country trip from Edmonton AB to New York City. I hit a number of dealers along the way and ended up with this coin. 

Xgalerius45.jpg.b3dcb1fc65c5198be9bffffa0a7b6474.jpgBasically the same coin. The pictures are a little disingenuous as the coins were roughly the same size. This was very annoying as before I embarked on my drive I had researched all the coins that I would see on the trip beforehand and I still bought this coin. The only thing that saved me was that RIC noted the position of the wreath ties as a variety. Still vexing. YES NIETHER OF THESE ARE MY COIN ANYMORE.

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