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Rare Roma Victrix

David Atherton

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I'm starting to make a habit of picking up these cheap rarities on eBay. My latest is a rare dupondius struck for Titus as Caesar under Vespasian. Rough and worn, which may explain why it was passed over by others.



Titus as Caesar [Vespasian]

Æ Dupondius, 12.37g
Rome mint, 72 AD
Obv: T CAESAR VESPASIAN IMP III PON TR POT II COS II: Head of Titus, radiate, r.
Rev: ROMA VICTRIX; S C in exergue; Roma std. l. on cuirass, with Victory and spear
RIC 483 (R2). BMC p. 146 ‡. BNC -.
Acquired from eBay, February 2023.

An extremely rare dupondius struck for Titus Caesar under Vespasian depicting Roma on the reverse, seated on a cuirass and holding a spear in one hand and Victory in the other. She is dressed in the guise of an Amazon warrior, a typical attribute for her on the coinage during the Flavian era. H. Mattingly in BMCRE II says this Roma victorious type, along with a few other Roma reverses, 'announces the triumph and revival of the sovereign city.' Both Vespasian and Titus shared the type. This scarce Titus variety is missing from both the BM and Paris collections. Two specimens are cited by RIC, one in Stockholm and the other in Aretusa Auction 4, 22 March 1996.


In hand.



As always, thanks for looking!

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Terrific coin, @David Atherton.  Last month I picked up the Vespasian version but with parazonium and wreath in lieu of Victory and spear.  This is also from eBay, somewhat of a bargain, I guess.  There are so many variations of this type, it was a challenge to attribute.  Below is my best guess:


Vespasian Æ Dupondius (71 A.D.) Rome Mint  IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG COS [II]I, radiate head right / S-C, Roma seated left on cuirass, holding wreath and parazonium, shields behind, ROMA in ex. RIC II 279 (RIC I 476); BMCRE 591-593; Cohen 411. (13.19 grams / 27 mm) eBay Jan. 2023

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