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Booty is in the hand of the butt-holder: The butt post


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First: Don't, "Yuck" my, "Yum".

B= my yum


With so much emphasis on the importance of physical fitness in both the Greek and Roman worlds it's no surprise the ancients left us such a bounty of booty, a treasury or tushies, a gluttony of buttony... enough with the hyperbole and on to the dairy air:

Of course we have tons O buns from the Greeks:


THRACE. Thasos. Obol (Circa 411-350).

Obv: Satyr in kneeling-running stance right, holding kantharos.



SNG Copenhagen 1031.

Condition: Near extremely fine.

Weight: 0.82 g.

Diameter: 11 mm.

Holed. Purchased from Savoca April


Thracian Islands, Thasos (c.500-480 B.C.E.), Silver Drachm, 3.4g 16 MM. Naked ithyphallic satyr in a kneeling- running position right, carrying off in his arms a nymph, who wears robes and raises her right hand in protest. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square (BMC 12; SNG Copenhagen 1016).Broad flan


Seleukos I Nikator, 312-281 BC. Drachm (Silver, 16.5 mm, 4.25 g, 12 h), probably Seleukeia on the Tigris, after circa 305/4 BC . Bust of Alexander the Great to right, as Dionysos, wearing helmet covered with a panther skin and adorned with a bull's horn and ear, and with a panther's skin tied around his shoulders. Rev. ΒΑΣIΛΕΩΣ [ΣΕ]ΛΕΥΚΟΥ Nike standing to right, placing wreath on trophy; between Nike and trophy, monogram. HGC 9, 35. SC 197. Toned. Very fine. Ex: Nomos Obols






Pampylia - Aspendos - Triskele AR Stater

465-430 BC

Obv: naked warrior walking right holding sword and shield. Rev: triskele in incuse square. 10.57 grams. Fair; banker cut to reverse. [No Reserve]


Property a London gentleman; acquired Heritage auctions. Purchased from Timeline Auctions Feb 2021. Literature Cf. SNG France 3/12; Aulock 4483.


Though, much bigger prudes the Romans still left us a wealth of second shelf:

Might as well mention, Venus gives us a better view of the moon than Selene on many coins, particularly and most voluptuously on Julia Domna:


Julia Domna Denarius . 193-196 AD . Rome . (Ric- 536 ). Ob .: IVLIA DOMNA AVG, Bust draped to the right . Rev .: VENERI VICTR, Venus standing to the right, leaning on a column, holding a palm and an apple . Ag . 3.18 g. Displaced. Tone . EBC . Tauler & Fau Jan 2021






Julia Domna

193-211 CE. Rome Sestertius Æ 27mm., 19,52g. IVLIA DO-MNA [AVG]; draped bust right / VENERI [VICTR]; Venus standing right, seen from behind, leaning on column, holding palm with left hand and apple with right; S C across fields. Revere almost slate RIC IV 842.





Titus, 79-81. Denarius (AR, 17mm, 3.2 g 6), Rome, 79. T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANVS Laureate head of Titus to right. Rev. TR POT VIII COS VII Venus standing right, leaning on cippus, holding helmet in her right hand and long transverse scepter in her left. BMC 255. BN 223. Cohen 332. RIC 1078. Purchased from Dara Museum Sept 2021




Julia Titi, daughter of Titus (died 90 AD). AR Denarius, 80-81. Obv. Bust right, draped. Rev. Venus standing right, resting elbow on column and holding scepter and helmet. RIC II-p. 1 (2nd ed.) (Titus) 388. AR. 2.83 g. 20.00 mm. R. Rare type. F. Purchased from Artemide May 2021




(AD 254-268) AR Antoninianus / Venus

AD 257-260, 22.30mm, 3.38 grams,

Obv: SALONINA AVG, draped bust right, wearing stephane, set on crescent

Rev: VENVS VICTRIX, Venus Victrix standing right, seen from rear, leaning on column and holding palm branch and apple

RIC Vi 8 Cologne, XF

Ex-Marc Breitsprecher purchased Jan 2022. Ex-Phil Peck sold as the Morrison Collection at Heritage.




Claudius I


(AD 41-54). Æ As (27mm, 10.69 gm, 7h). Rome, AD 41-42. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP, bare head of Claudius left / S – (C is inexplicably missing), Minerva advancing right, brandishing spear held in right hand and holding shield on left arm. RIC I 100. BMCRE 149.

Find site: Normandy



CAPPADOCIA (1,77g, 15mm) Caesarea, (54-68), AR Hemidrachm

Obv: NERO CLAVD DIVI CLAVD F CAESAR AVG GERMANI; laureate head of Nero, right.

Rev: Nike standing, right, with foot on globe and inscribing shield set on knee

S 83, BMC 411, Walker 470–2, RIC 618, Ganschow 60, RPC I №: 3646

Purchased from Demos December 2021



Does three heads mean three butts???39051868_2357772_1636989745.l-removebg-preview(1).png.23417a68ccf021518ad454fd60d26d58.png

Damnit Zeus! Put that thing away!!!



198-217. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.00 g, 12 h), Rome, 217. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM Laureate head of Caracalla to right. Rev. P M TR P XX COS IIII P P Jupiter standing front, head to left, holding thunderbolt in his right hand and long scepter in his left. BMC 180. Cohen 373. RIC 285a. Light deposits and with a minor edge crack, otherwise, good extremely fine. Purchased from Leu Feb 2022




Please share pictures of all your phat booties... on ancients! So please post your bums, butts and rear ends on ancients<3

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11 minutes ago, Prieure de Sion said:

My three ladies...

a) Rome, robe tip to the left and to the right
b) Rome, robe tip to the right
c) Rome, robe tip to the left




So... all this Robe detail... you did not even NOTICE the significant attribute???  😄 😄 😄 

You need a chat with Sir Mix-A-Lot.


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