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Bestiari engraving on bone fragment


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This interesting piece, engraved on bone, is currently for sale on VCoins, coming form the middle east.

Size is given as 63 x 50mm, with a suggested date of 3rd-4thC.

Since the fallen figure has a spear and shield, I assume this is depicting a bestiari.


Given the roman market for gladiatorial "artifacts" such as sweat, blood and apparently even liver, I have to wonder what type of bone it's engraved on !

Presumably a DNA test would give the answer. It's a bit of a shame something like this is not in a museum, since it seems very rare.


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1 hour ago, Kali said:

I always worry about that stuff being fake, even from VC.

Yes, possible, although the style looks absolutely spot-on to me.

Of course if it was in museum hands they could carbon date it as well as do the DNA analysis.


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