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Tooled middle bronze of Faustina the Elder at Portuscalle Numismatica

Roman Collector

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This middle bronze of Faustina I is currently up for auction on Biddr. It has been extensively tooled on obverse and reverse. I've notified the auction house because they do not mention it in the lot description.


This is an unaltered specimen from my own collection for comparison:


And a higher grade example from the British Museum:


Tooling such as this is driven by the demand for high grade bronze. The bronze coins of the Antonine period circulated for decades and there are very few genuinely high-grade specimens. Be very careful when you see high grade Antonine bronze for sale.

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Wow, the garb of Juno on the reverse is just wrong and the lettering has been emphasized on both sides of the coin - pretty obvious. I suppose the fact that collectors are ignoring tooling in the quest for high grade pieces using the justification that the coin is ancient, so who cares about the embellishment...

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 I get so tired of pretentious collectors saying that toolies aren't superior in every way!


In this modern age we have mastered art and improve everything we carve, draw or paint over. I bet the drunk did engraver couldn't have dreamed that his coin could look so good!


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