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In Honor of D-Day • Commemorating an Ancient Invasion


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Since today is June 6, 2022 and the 78th anniversary of the 1944 Allied invasion of Normandy,

I thought it might be fun to commemorate Vespasian’s successful invasion of Britain in 43 A.D.


Please post your invasion, victory, or defeat related coins.







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Here's Titus with Mars.


Also Raja Raja Chola's invasion of Cheras (modern day Kerala), despite sharing land border, the battle was fought with navy! The Cheras were a Vishnu worshiping country, while the Cholas were Siva worshiping, so when Raja Raja Chola conquered them, he issued special coins that portrayed the feet of lord Vishnu called Sripada aka 'sacred foot' along with the Chera symbol bow, at the obverse's bottom right.


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I dunno... Once again, my Ancestors (Celts) get killed, maimed, sold into slavery, and have their nations destroyed...



Maybe the victors get to write the history, but I am going to root for the Underdogs...


Celtic Britain
Boudicca 61 CE
Celt Hd r
Celtic horse galloping
Seaby 434 Scarce

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It’s great to see you here DRay! 

Here is a Vespasian / Nike


Cappadocia, Caesarea-Eusebia, 
Vespasian (AD 69-79)
AR Hemidrachm, Caesarea mint, struck AD 77/78
Dia.: 16 mm, 12h
Wt.: 1.6 g
Rev.: Nike advancing right, holding wreath and palm frond
Ref.: RPC II 1659; Metcalf 17

Here is another invasion coinage struck by Constantius for his invasion of Britain!  This coin is extra special to me because it is ex Jamesicus Collection.  James will be missed.


Roman Empire
Constantius Chlorus (Invasion Issue)
AE Follis, silvered, Lugdunum/traveling mint, struck ca. AD 296
Obv.: FL VAL CONSTANTIVS NOB C; Laureate bust right
Rev.: GENIO POPVLI ROMANI; genius standing left holding patera and cornucopia 
Ref.: RIC VI 17a 
Ex James Pickering Collection of Romano-British Coins

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13 minutes ago, Alegandron said:

I dunno... Once again, my Ancestors (Celts) get killed, maimed, sold into slavery, and have their nations destroyed...

I hear you — I received my ancestral DNA results a few weeks ago. 40% English 🇬🇧, 30% German 🇩🇪, 20% Irish 🇮🇪 and 10% Italian 🇮🇹. I’m assuming the Roman invasion of Britain could have something to do with the 10% 🇮🇹 😊

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However the invasion of Britain was under the aegis of this individual

Claudius Ae Sestertius 50-54 AD Obv Head right laureate. Rv four line inscription within oak wreath RIC 112 25.76 grms 35 mm Photo by W. Hansenclaudiuss2.thumb.jpg.6008b8a2d627cba6ec90e88525f20d75.jpg

Claudius succeeded in invading and holding Britain something that his predecessors failed to do. Certainly Caius' efforts failed in the extreme and the subsequent effort by Claudius may have been necessary to overcome the memory of that debacle. Vespasian appears to have been active mostly in the south west, capturing the Isle of Wright 

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