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Just for laughing a bit, nothing too serious. What a battle we have on ebay (Lanz)for a coin described as « modern forgery ». Only 20 hours left, and the last bid is at 333 euros !



Roma has one for sale not that long ago for 80 GBP and nobody wanted it…



I have to admit it was a bit expensive, since you can get a beauty like this one from Bulgaria or Morocco for about 20 USD



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Someone didn't read the fine print, or else something was lost in translation. I guess it was at least two people who missed the memo if they bid it up to 333 euros!

Browsing through Ebay, I often see a lot of fake Athenian owls and other obvious fakes commanding similar prices. Although the coins are clearly fake, someone apparently thinks they are not! 

Down the road, there will be a lot of disappointed people when it comes time to sell grandpa's (or grandma's) collection...

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Re disappointed people , a while ago I gave  up explaining to  people in private messages (to me - I don't send them!) that say xy or z clear copy of a Kimon or Euainetos decadrachm was a fake and why. Several times  I've been told I'm  just saying  it so I can buy it myself  more cheaply.  At best I seemed to disappoint and at worst  I was at the heart of some nefarious conspiracy to corner the market.

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Concerning reproductions, I’ve wanted for a while a mint-state, highly accurate reproduction of an Athenian owl tetradrachm in good silver, for a fair price that reflects what it is (not 330 euros or even 100!). I want to feel I’m in 430 BC with a brand-new one in hand 😁

That said, a while back got myself a nice repro of an imperial portrait Charlemagne denier, something I know I won’t likely ever own.


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