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Boy have times changed.


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Of late I have been going through some old issues of the Celator. For you that have never heard of this magazine it was a subscription based monthly journal on primarily ancient numismatics. It started publication in 1987 and continues until June 2012 when it sadly ceased publication . In fact you can find this journal on line in the V Coins community pages. Okay back to what I was about to say. Looking through the issue March 2007 I saw this 575392274_Screenshot(3).png.e300b48a49cfbc2588e0215c35ad8156.png

Top price for an ancient coin was $575,000 including the juice. Given that of late some ancient coins have been selling for a million dollars plus and that is before the juice, it does give an indication as to how much the market has been changing. 

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Those Celator archives are great! I'd love to  know if there's a say top 10 list of Greek coins sold by cost . I got the  impression that there haven't been that many huge sales over the last decade despite the hype.

That Athens coin is worth say 45% more from inflation in $ since 2007. NAC recently (2019) sold a similar one (I'm no expert  there but that type with a glowing description 😀) for $640k.  There was a 2.4m Kimon from  NAC again 10 years ago but a nicer one (opinion) a few  years ago sold for  half a million less and aside from some  prices in  the 700's from Numismatica Genevensis   recently that were discussed here I haven't seen much(and I was told they'd shopped them around at  much higher prices before  selling at auction. Maybe they all go in private transactions.)

My price knowledge is limited to typing  in  famous engravers' names in Coinarchives though to see what comes up.  Not wholly scientific. Really would  love a list!

Trying the same with "Greek" prices high to low has a few more  but the high price ones are clustered around 10 years ago. Maybe  just a function of the mad Sheik's purchases then. Eg Pantikapaion gold coin 2012 $3m,  6 times estimate.

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I wonder what the actual price of a 'top' coin like the Eid Mar aureus or the Diocletian medallion would be if it were sold in retail as is without going through all the publicity, grading, and finally hammering under famous auction houses?!

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Maybe would be more but for the FACT that some of the Athenian Decadrachms were identified as fakes by CLIVE STANNARD with Wolfgang Fischer-Bossart. The paper ,I believe, is on academia.  A hoard of Athenian decadrachms was returned to Turkey decades ago and are in Antalya and , as far as I know, NOT been researched- probably better if sold on the market  where people like Barry can do work on them!

The curse of museums! Strikes again!


 Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau 90, 2011, S. 5–32 

If anyone actually interested!

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10 hours ago, NewStyleKing said:

The paper ,I believe, is on academia. 

It's on Stannard's site too (if easier to access than academia though latter hardly hard) along with a bunch of  other interesting articles. His presentations  section can be  interesting too. More Western Med typically.



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