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a pretty decent Quietus


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The parcel arrived today in fine shape and I'm assuming everything's fine (and as described) inside. I had just washed my hands shortly before its arrival and I have a strict policy of only handling coins with bone dry hands, even with gloves.

This is my first order from Tom Vossen. It is with some relief that I can remove the Netherlands' post from the Captain Slow designation.  An earlier order with another firm had taken forever and a day.  It arrived about two weeks from ordering, which is an acceptable overseas average.

There's not a whole lot of silvered Ants in my collection, probably under 20, and I can't bring myself to spend a lot on them.  I've been trying to complete the last few missing emperors to complete my checklist of affordable emperors, and I was very pleased to find a very nice example at a modest price.

A couple of AR Ants also went along for the ride.



Quietus, Usurper. 260-261 AD. Billon Antoninianus (4.03 gm, 23mm). Samosata mint. Obv.: IMP C FVL QVIETVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev.: APOLINI CONSERVA, Apollo standing left, holding branch and resting hand upon lyre; star to left. MIR 1728n; RIC 3.


I've long wondered about the placement of the eastern mint during Valerian's time.  While Samosata would make sense during the pre-capture campaign, it just would seem strange to have a mint in a forward, exposed position. 


Gallienus. 253-268 AD. AR Antoninianus (3.05 gm, 24mm). Colonia Agrippinensis mint. Struck 258/9 AD. Obv.: GALLIENVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right. Rev.: VICT GER-MANICA, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and trophy, treading down German captive. RIC 44; Göbl 36, 893h; RSC 1061a

I'm more partial to the Sestertii from the period but I quite enjoy Gallienus' issues from the Colonia Agrippenensis mint, especially the martial busts.

Hmm, I just noticed 3 o'clock on the obverse side.  Is there some kind of minor clashed strikes going on there?

And now for the final coin of the buy:


Trebonianus Gallus, 251-253 AD. AR Antoninianus (3.82 gm, 25.5mm). Rome mint. Obv.: IMP C C VIB TREB GALLVS AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Rev.: PAX AETERNA, Pax standing left, holding branch and scepter. RIC 71; RSC 76.

I have a number of Treb. Sestertii but I think this might only be my second or third Gallus Ant.  This one (a throw-in) was chosen because of the 25.5 mm size.  I believe that a corroded Gallus Antioch Antoninianus was my first individually purchased ancient coin.

Opportunity cost usually keeps my Antoninianii purchases few and far between but when I do, I quite enjoy Philip, Rome Gallus, and Cologne Gallienus.

I'm celebrating a bounceback week with a glass of mulled wine. Would Roman mulled wine have also been a red wine?



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Quietus and [Macrianus] were the usurpers. As the story goes they had the treasure that Valerian had brought with him to finance his war against Sassanid Persia. Absconding with the money they made themselves pretenders in the East. Here is my Macrianus, ex Frank Robinson:


Macrianus, A.D. 260-261 Type: AE antoninianus, 22 mm 3.1 grams, Antioch mint. Obverse: IMP C FVL MACRIANVS P F AVG, radiate cuirassed bust right Reverse: APOLINI CONSERVA, Apollo standing left holding branch and resting hand on lyre set on a low column. Reference: RIC 6; RSC 2; Sear 10799.



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Mine has a tiny bit of silvering left and heavily corroded (you see it more in hand) but to be honest I like this MARTI PROPVGNATORI type enough to not mind itsflaws.B6B2EB1C-424F-4ABF-9458-B5C33084F76F.jpeg.4e4e08353668f3599b032f62286cb48e.jpeg.  

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Lovely Quietus!....High on my want list too...Your example is really nice,  I especially like the fact the portrait still shows his facial features including his eye. So many of this Emperor and his brother Macrianus's portraits tend to have a worn silhouetted head...Cool pick up!

Great couple of Ants too!

Tom is my main go to seller,  around 80% of my purchases last year were from him...Great guy to deal with plus within the EU so ease of postage...

Here's my Macrianus I bought from him a while back..1779812751_normal_macrianus(2).jpg.860a39b583c4f18c105c6a0fc284fac3.jpg

Macrianus. 260-261 AD. AE Antoninianus (3.31 gm, 22mm). Antiochia mint.
Obv. IMP C FVL MACRIANVS P F AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right.
Rev.: SPES PVBLICA, Spes, draped, standing left, holding flower in her outstretched right hand, raising skirt with her left hand. RIC V 13; MIR 44, 1743b; RSC 13.

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My only example:


Antoninianus, AD 260–261
Obv.: IMP C FVL QVIETVS P F AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev: AEQVITAS AVGG, Aequitas standing l., holding scales and cornucopiae
Billon, 3.96g, 22.3mm
Ref.: Kamp.: 95.2, RIC: 2

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Bronze Coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Antioch during the reign of QUIETUS between 260 - 261 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.FVL.QUIETVS.P.F.AVG.: rad. bust, draped. r. Rev. SOL.INVICTO.: Sol stg. l., raising r. hand & holding globe in l, star in l. field. RCS #3098. RSCIV #12. RICV #10. DVM #9. RCSVIII #10829.


Bronze Coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Antioch during the reign of MACRIANUS, Usurper in the East, between 260 - 261 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.FVL.MACRIANVS.P.F.AVG.: rad. bust, cuir. r. Rev. AEQVITAS.AVGG.: Aequitas stg. l., holding scales & cornucopia, RSCIV #1b. RICV #5. DVM #1. RCSVIII #10798.


Both Coins purchased from Frank Robinson

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