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Not counting a few low-end Widow’s Mites, this Jewish War prutah is my first Judaean coin.  (I did have a Vespasian Judaea Capta denarius once, but we won’t count the coins of the oppressor, right?) 😉



I bought it at the January 2023 FUN show in Orlando, from Tom Wood, a dealer with whom I struck up a new friendship.  He let me have it for $55.  I liked the patina on it.


Here’s one of the other trays.  I was considering a nicely patinated Judaea Capta bronze as well (not seen here), but somebody else ended up buying that one.


Tom also carries a smattering of American Colonial coins.  I picked up this New Jersey copper from him on my last day at the show.  He let me have it for $390.



If any of you are interested in my long and detailed FUN show report which includes lots of pictures and commentary posted live as I strolled around the bourse floor, that is on CoinTalk:


(It includes my other purchases, as well as photos of some amazing coins I could never hope to own.)

Happy (slightly-belated) New Year!


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Very nice coin!...Well detailed for this type..

Here's my humble example..20200412_shekel-2.jpg.efc57943cb4e50383754fa6bc6ad0025.jpg

First Jewish Revolt against Rome, 66 - 73 CE - Bronze Prutah Masada Coin 17mm/2.85gr.
Obverse..Vine leaf with small branch and tendril, surrounded by the inscription "Harut Zion"-('freedom of Zion').
Reverse..Amphora with wide rim, fluted belly and two handles, Paleo-Hebrew inscription 'year two' 67 CE.

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