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Hoard of 800 denarii from the Antonine period found by metal detectorist in Romania

Roman Collector

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From the article:

A Romanian man who went for a stroll to walk off Christmas lunch stumbled on a hoard of 800 Roman coins in western Romania, the state news agency Agerpres reported.

Csaba Koloszvari who made the find at Christmas in a plowed field in the western county of Alba, is already known in the area as a keen amateur detectorist. He found a trove of 100 silver coins this autumn in the nearby town of Ocna Mures.

He and a friend ” wanted to burn some calories after all those sarmele (meat and rice stuffed cabbage rolls). We’re keen treasure hunters so we got out our metal detectors but didn’t find anything and were about to put them away, but then came across 729 Roman coins, plus dozens of others which have been here for 2,000 years.”

Koloszvari called round local archeologists he knew and eventually found one who came to the site and and dug out the coins which had been stored in a clay pot which was broken, he said in a post on Facebook.


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8 minutes ago, NewStyleKing said:

Yes , quite a mixture of rulers and family, yes a good Otho and a Verus and a AP, so why is it called an Antonine hoard...that is asinine!  and insane!  Any more pics anywhere? 

Because the hoard contains Antoninus Pius, Faustina I, Lucilla (whom everyone is mistaking for her mom), and Lucius Verus, and no coins later than that, it must have been hoarded in the Antonine period.

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