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Enter January, heralding a new year - the month of the Roman god Janus


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Here are a couple of coins depicting the two-faced god.

Roman Republic, Anonymous Didrachm, c. 225-214 BC.  From Roma E-Sale 100, lot 920.

Crawford 28-3

6.43 grams



 Eastern Celts, AR tetradrachm, Serbia, 4th century BCE, Janus head type.

12.73 grams



Post your Janiform head coins, if you please!

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I never had any until this year, and now I have two. They're also Roman Republic and Celtic. Although they're not beautiful like yours 🤣

Roman Republic A. Caecilius As, 169-158BC
Rome. Bronze, 31-33mm, 28g. Laureate 2-faced Janus, I (value) above. Prow of galley right, I before, A CÆ above, (ROMA below) (Syd 355; Cr174/1). Found on farmland in East Anglia in 1948.

Cunobeline Unit, Celtic Trinovantes Tribe, 9-40

Camulodunon (Roman Camulodunum, modern Colchester). Bronze, 14mm, 2.19g. Janiform head; CVNO below. Sow seated right beneath a tree; CAMV on panel below (ABC 2981; S 346; V 2105 ‘Trinovantian W’).

Edited by John Conduitt
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My favorite coin with a Janiform head (Zeus & Hera) is a fantasy tetradrachm struck in gold by Slavey Petrov, the notorious forger ☺️. I bought this coin at a CNG auction about 14 years ago. These coins were also struck in silver.


                        TROAS, Tenedos. Circa 1995-2005. AV 19.89 gm, 35 mm, 12 h.

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I have but a single Janus coin. I hope you all aren't tired of looking at it.

Anonymous, Second Punic War, 218-202 BC.
Roman Republican Æ as, 27.8 g, 31.1 mm, 1 h.
Uncertain mint south of Rome (Campania?).
Obv: Laureate head of bearded Janus, I above.
Rev: Prow of galley, right; I above, ROMA below.
Refs: Group D1, McCabe, Andrew. "The Anonymous Struck Bronze Coinage of the Roman Republic" in Essays in honour of Roberto Russo / ed. by Peter G. van Alfen and Richard B. Witschonke. - Zürich ; London : Numismatica Ars Classica NAC, 2013, pp. 141-144.

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Happy New Year to all of you!


Roman Republic, As (uncial standard), 169–158 BC, moneyer: C. Cluvius Saxula, Rome mint. Obv: head of Janus, I above. Rev: prow right, C·SAX (ligated) above, ROMA below. 35 mm, 25.98 g. Ref: RRC 173/1.



Roman Republic, moneyer: M. Furius L. f. Philus, AR denarius, 119 BC, Rome mint. Obv: M. FOVRI. L. F; head of Janus. Rev: ROMA; Roma standing l., holding sceptre, crowns trophy with carnyx and two shields; in exergue, PHL I. 19mm, 3.81g. Ref: RRC 281/1.

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