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Many here probably subscribed to and enjoyed The Celator, which was published from 1987 to 2012. Issues are digitized and downloadable: https://social.vcoins.com/thecelator/


Some years ago I created the index below. Formatting is a bit screwy with the cut-and-paste, but the info is clear enough. Should help you find articles of interest.





May/June 2012

·        The Olympic Games: The First 1,166 Years

·        Antigonus II Gonatas

·        A Unique ‘Royalist Series’ Didrachm of Philip III

April 2012

·        Astragaloi on Ancient Coins: Game Pieces or Agents of Prophecy?

·        Pythagoras and the Incuse Coins of Magna Graecia

February 2012

·        Half-Figure of the King: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Earliest Sigloi of Darius I

·        A Magnentian Hoard from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England

January 2012

·        The Contest Between Apollo and Marsyas

·        A Supernova on Ancient Coins – Part 4

December 2011

·        A Supernova on Ancient Coins – Part 3

·        Avoiding Fake Oil Lamps

November 2011

·        Sceattas: The Neglected Silver Coinage of Early Anglo-Saxon England – A Collector’s Perspective

·        Pythagoras of Samos, Celator

October 2011

·        Select Numismatic Issues of the Isaurian Dynasty (717 – 802 AD) With Relationship to the First Iconoclastic Period (726 – 780 AD)

·        An Ancient Coin Relevant to Renaissance Art

September 2011

·        A Numismatic Biography of Lucius Cornelius Sulla

·        Arethusa’s Enigmatic Headband

August 2011

·        New Experimental Evidence for Cold Striking of Ancient Coins

·        Boiotian Magistrate Staters

·        Eleven Years: One Collector’s Experience

July 2011

·        History and Coinage of the Akarnanian Confederacy

·        Menander I and Buddhist Iconography on Indo-Greek Coins

·        The Shield of Brutus

June 2011

·        The Silver and Bronze Mints of Philip II and Alexander the Great in Macedonia

·        Celestial Symbols on Roman Standards

May 2011

·        Roman Architecture as Propaganda on Coins: The Coinage of Divus Romulus

·        A New Tetradrachm from the Reign of Seleucus II, 246 – 225 BC

April 2011

·        A Closer Look – Distinguishing Similar Roman Republican Coins: Part II – Anonymous Victoriati

·        Achelous: A Link Between the Indus and Achaean Civilizations

·        Ancient Coins for Education Essay Contest Winner

March 2011

·        A Supernova on Ancient Coins – Part 2

·        The Beginning of Hasmonean Minting

February 2011

·        A Supernova on Ancient Coins – Part I

·        An Exercise in Grading: Constantine the Great Sol Bronzes

January 2011

·        Trajan: The Perfect Prince – Part II

·        ‘Alexander-Type’ Tetradrachms in the Names of his Successors

December 2010

·        Trajan: The Perfect Prince – Part I

·        The Pilgrimage Tokens of Saint Simeon the Younger

November 2010

·        From Iconium to the Home of Saint Luke: A Numismatic Odyssey

·        From Personal Passion to Numismatic Legacy: Crafting the Kittredge Numismatic Foundation

·        The First Islamic Gold Coin in History

·        An Unrecorded Imitation Alexander from the East Arachosia 2002 Hoard

·        The Coinage of Abbey St. Philbert at Jumieges

October 2010

·        An Introduction to Roman Imperial Vota

·        A Controversial Reverse

September 2010

·        Anti-Christian Coinage of Maximinus II Daza

·        Having Fun With Coins: Byzantine Scyphate Bronzes of the Fourth Crusade

·        A Numismatic Detective Story – Identifying the Undertype on a Bar Kokhba Revolt Zuz

August 2010

·        Fifty Coins in 2,500 Years: A Numismatic Walk Through Indian History – Part II

·        A Previously Unknown Tetradrachm of Phraates IV (38 to 2 BC): An Ancient Counterfeit?

July 2010

·        Fifty Coins in 2,500 Years: A Numismatic Walk Through Indian History – Part I

·        Unmasking a Modern Armenian Fantasy: The Profile Head Coin Attributed to Baron Levon II

June 2010

·        The Helmets of Perdikkas II

·        On a “Dig” in Italy

May 2010

·        The Vogelaar Romano-British Collection

·        The Tetradrachms of Pyrrhus: A Preliminary Die Study

·        The Publishing History of The Voice of the Turtle

April 2010

·        The Walls of Nicaea

·        Further Thoughts on the Julius Caesar “Elephant” Coinage (the first being Oct. 2008)

March 2010

·        The Lost Temple of Apollo Palatinus

·        Meet the Reverend of Numismatics: Conversations With Richard Plant

February 2010

·        History and Coinage of the Arkadian League of 370 BCE

·        Coins and the Synoptic Problem

·        The Celtic Coin That Says It Is Celtic

January 2010

·        The House of Valerian

·        Concerning the Meaning of Control Marks and Symbols of Power on the Shekels of Tyre

·        Israeli Numismatic Great, Prof. Dan Barag, Dies

December 2009

·        The Gundestrup Cauldron and the Potin Coinage of the Remi: Illustrations of Cernunnos or Shapeshfting Druids?

·        Highly Deceptive Forgeries of Constantine’s Spes Pvblic Coinage

November 2009

·        Champagne: The Athens of the Middle Ages

·        Oil Lamps of the Old Testament

·        Deniers of Rouen of Duke Richard I and King Lothaire

October 2009

·        Numismatic Images of Atargatis: Keys to the Parody

·        Observations on the Wladislaus IIJagiello of Hungary – Part II

·        Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece – A New Exhibition at the Walters

September 2009

·        Observations on the Undated Madonna Denars of Wladislaus II Jagiello of Hungary – Part I

·        A Closer Look – Distinguishing Similar Roman Republican Coins: Part I – CR. 57/2 and 137/1

August 2009

·        Ten Great Rarities of Judaean Coinage

·        A Numismatic Enigma? (deals with VIRT EXERC bronzes from the early 4th cent. Thessalonica mint)

·        An Enigmatic Bronze Coin from Akragas, Sicily

July 2009

·        The Cult of Divus Julius in Octavian’s Political Propaganda

·        On the Bronze Coinage of Leontius the Usurper

June 2009

·        Prevalence and Profitability: Re-examining the Silver-Plated Counterfeit Coins of Aegina

·        The Lily as a Symbol of Ancient Isreal

·        In Defense of Magic: An Appreciation of Under-Appreciated Coins

May 2009

·        The Funerary Architecture of Antoninus Pius

·        Symbols of the Bar Kochba Sela Temple Coins

April 2009

·        Julia Maesa: Grandmother of Emperors

·        Domitius Domitianus – An Ephemeral Emperor

·        Was My Coin Stolen from a Bulgarian Museum?

March 2009

·        Greek Numbers on Coins – Part II, Re-Dating the Tetradrachms of Ptolemy II

·        Byzantine 101 – Part 4

·        A Young Girl’s Necklace

·        A New Hasmonean Discovery by Hendin and Shachar

·        Silvia Hurter, Dealer and Scholar, Dies

February 2009

·        From Themistokles, Metroxenos, to Perikles

·        Greek Numbers on Coins – Part I, The First Dated Coins and Alphabetic Numbers

·        Treasures of Ancient Glass

January 2009

·        History and Coinage of the Chalkidian League

·        Sorting Out Those Pan Liang

·        The Caesar “Elephant” Denarius: Another Interpretation of the Obverse

December 2008

·        The Temple on Mount Gerizim

·        The Athenian Emergency Issue of the Peloponnesian War

·        The Birth of Jesus Viewed through Coins

November 2008

·        Faces of Empire – Part XI – Hellenistic Beauty to Tetrarchic/Constantinian Brutality: Nobility True and False in Colored Stones

·        Observations on the Madonna Denars of Matthias Corvinus of Hungary – Part III

October 2008

·        Dionysos Unmasked on Neapoliton Nomoi

·        Observations on the Madonna Denars of Matthias Corvinus of Hungary – Part II

·        The Julius Caesar “Elephant” Denarius: What is the Symbolism?

September 2008

·        Observations on the Madonna Denars of Matthias Corvinus of Hungary – Part I

·        A Cosmic Journey on a Roman Coin

·        The Roman Empire’s Resurrection of Alexander the Great

August 2008

·        Taking a Browse Through Numibooks

·        The Philosopher and the Celator

·        Animals on Roman Coins

July 2008

·        Roman Ghosts

·        My First Coin Show – Numismata 2008

·        What’s in a Woman’s Name?

·        A Portrait of Gordian III on a Coin of Philip I

June 2008

·        The Cambridge Hoard of 1897 Revisited

·        Publius Helvius Pertinax

·        Defining Rarity

May 2008

·        Portraits of Cleopatra

·        A New Variant of a “Provisional” Samarian Coin

·        A Roman Moneyer

April 2008

·        The Normans in Sicily 1060 – 1194

·        Faces of Empire – Part X – Women Around the Outset of the Principate

March 2008

·        History and Coinage of the Aetolian League

·        An Investigation of the Physical Properties of Roman Republican Silver Coinage: Part II – Silver Content

February 2008

·        The Burden of the Temple Tax

·        An Investigation of the Physical Properties of Roman Republican Silver Coinage: Part I - Weights

January 2008

·        Valuing the Numismatic Legacy of Alexander the Great

·        A Numismatic Lexicon

·        A Quest for Provenance

December 2007

·        Fifth Century Greek Wars and Their Numismatic Consequences

·        Nikokles, a Micro-Monarch of Cyprus, 325 – 310 BC

November 2007

·        Roman Coinage From the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Naming of Augustus, 49 – 27 BC

·        Vespasian: A Simple Soldier – Part II

October 2007

·        Vespasian: A Simple Soldier – Part I

·        The Bull – Myth and Symbol on Ancient Coins

September 2007

·        Portraits of Caligula: The Seated Figure?

·        Is the Gold Porus Medallion a Lifetime Portrait of Alexander the Great?

August 2007

·        Avidius Cassius: An Emperor Without a Coin?

·        Left-Field Inspiration – Sometimes You Just Want to Know More

·        Constantine III and the Collapse of Roman Coinage in Britain

July 2007

·        Anepigraphic Bronze Coins of Constantine and Family

·        Faces of Empire – Part IX – Imperium’s First Face (Alexander the Great and the Successors)

·        300,000 Archeological Items (and Coins) Seized in Raids in Spain

June 2007

·        Valerian and the Age of Chaos Part II: Crisis and Recovery

·        The Mashaka Coins of Ancient India

·        A Coin of Kallipolis, Plato’s Beautiful City

May 2007

·        Valerian and the Age of Chaos Part I: Descent into Disorder

·        Important Auction Catalogs Offering Archaic and Classical Greek Coins

·        The Changing World of Numismatic Literature: Attributing Ancient Greek-Era Coins – Part II

April 2007

·        Sacred Stones in Ancient Temples

·        A Quadrans for Your Thoughts: Small Roman Imperial AES

·        The Changing World of Numismatic Literature: Attributing Ancient Greek-Era Coins – Part I

March 2007

·        Ancient Tipasa, A Probable Mint City in North Africa

·        The Coins of Herod the Great: Discovering the Details

February 2007

·        An Introduction to the History and Coinage of the Medieval Balkans – Part I: Slavonia (Northern Croatia)

·        The Temples of Asklepios on Ancient Coins

·        Lost and Found

January 2007

·        Faces of Empire – Part VIII – False Faces, Renaissance Reworkings and Iconographic Fantasies

·        Counterfeit Ancient Armenian Coins in Internet Auctions

·        The Old Testament and Coins

December 2006

·        Ninety Years of Roman Republican Denarii 211 – 121 BCE

·        A Republican Foot-Note: The “P.SVLA,” “SAFRA” and “Mast and Sail” Aes Coins

·        Why Experimental Archaeology is Important to Numismatics

November 2006

·        Coins and Icons

·        Byzantine 101 – Part 3

·        The Bronze Coinage of the Usurper Leontius

October 2006

·        Coining the New Testament: Numismatic Windows Into Biblical Narratives

·        The Tribute Penny Debate Revisited

·        A Jewish Temple on the Sela of Bar Kokhba: Construction Issues and the Miraculous Shamir

September 2006

·        Elephants in Ancient Numismatic History

·        Chemical Composition of a Group of Late Roman Bronzes, the So-Called “Monneron” Coins

August 2006

·        Images of Power and Glory on the Coinage of Trajan

·        The Titans: Hebrew Origins and Ancient Coinage

·        Faces of Empire – Part VII – Western Twilight, Eastern Glory, 325 - 561

July 2006

·        Coins of the Greek Pentathlon

·        Taman Imitations – “Coins of the Unknown People”

·        A New Sidonian Chronology

June 2006

·        Gods, Monsters, Heroes and Salvation: A Review of the Mythology of Sicily

·        Coins Commemorate Croton’s Pythian Prizewinners

May 2006

·        Faces of Empire – Part VI – Crisis to Recovery: Trajan Decius to Constantine the Great, 250 – 325

·        Distinctive Features of Kushan Coins – Part II

·        A Delta Tigress

April 2006

·        Distinctive Features of Kushan Coins – Part I

·        Notes on a Jerusalem Mintage Vespasian Tetradrachm

·        Parthian Forgeries: The Numismatic Evidence

March 2006

·        Severina – An Empress in Her Own Right?

·        Factors Influencing Auction Estimates and Final Prices of Larissa Facing Head Drachms

·        Officina Mark Development at the Mint of Antioch in the Third Century AD

February 2006

·        Faces of Empire – Part V – The Severans and Successors, 193 to 235

·        Metrology – Getting to Know Your Coins

·        Empire and the Logic of English as the Language of Ancient Numismatic Scholarship

January 2006

·        Aphrodite: Classical Greek Goddess of War

·        The “Arcuated Lintel” on Ancient Coins

·        An Accidental Collection: Thessalian League Coinage

December 2005

·        The Later Roman Empresses

·        Face of Empire – Part IV – Hadrian and the Antonines

·        Boy Bishop Tokens of Medieval England

November 2005

·        Mt. Vesuvius – Anatomy of an Eruption

·        Faces of Empire – Part III – Flavians, Nerva and Trajan, 69 to 117

·        Astronomer Hipparchus and His Globe: Back in the News Again

October 2005

·        Copper Owls: The Emergency Coinage of Athens 406 BC

·        Roman Die Found in Military Camp

·        The Constantinian Commemorative Issues of 317/318 AD

September 2005

·        Copies of Thasos Tetradrachms Revisited

·        Faces of Empire (Julius Caesar to Justinian) – Part IIB

August 2005

·        Otho on Horseback – A Rare and Historical Coin

·        Faces of Empire (Julius Caesar to Justinian) – Part II

·        A Numismatic Journey Through Egyptian Islamic History

July 2005

·        The Coins of Hsienyang – City of the First Emperor of China

·        Faces of Empire (Julius Caesar to Justinian) – Part I

·        Coins of Knossos and the Minotaur

June 2005

·        Faces of Empire (Julius Caesar to Justinian) – Introduction

·        Medusa the Centauress on Greek Coins

·        Nero: The Actor Emperor – Part IV

·        Ides of the Month of Augustus – Year 800 of the Founding of Rome

May 2005

·        The Coins of Alexandria – Four Regimes of Closed Currencies

·        The Numismatic Museum of Athens

·        Nero: The Actor Emperor – Part III

·        A New Greek Fraction

April 2005

·        The Mystery of the Left-Facing Denarius

·        Cistophoric Tetradrachms – An Overview

·        Nero: The Actor Emperor – Part II

March 2005

·        A Numismatic Conundrum

·        The Mystery of the Missing Mintmark

·        Nero: The Actor Emperor – Part I

February 2005

·        Errors on Biblical Coins

·        The Largest Herodian Coin: The Very First Dies

·        The Star on Bar Kochba’s Coins

·        Who Owns Objects?

January 2005

·        The Reign and Coinage of Xusro II Abarwiz

·        Some Countermarks and Other Manipulations on and with Roman Bronze Coins of Caligula and Nero

·        A Suggested Reattribution of a 13th Century Georgian AE Coin

·        Collecting Islamic Coinage – Getting Started

December 2004

·        Elagabalus: A Question of Character

·        Roman Libraries – Check It Out

·        New Collectors and Buying on the Internet

November 2004

·        Byzantine 101 – Part 2

·        Medieval Coins, West African Gold: Secrets and Lies Behind the Trans-Saharan Trade – Part II

·        Parthian Drachm Coin Measurements and Conclusions

October 2004

·        Medieval Coins, West African Gold: Secrets and Lies Behind the Trans-Saharan Trade – Part I

·        Barbarism, Art, and Thracian Tetradrachms – Part IV

September 2004

·        Sekhmet, the Lioness Goddess: New Kingdom Egypt, Roman Africa, and Modern America – Egyptian Divinities on Roman Coins

·        Barbarism, Art, and Thracian Tetradrachms – Part III

·        Maximinus II or Julian II?  Or Both?

August 2004

·        The Art of the Coinage of Mende

·        Barbarism, Art, and Thracian Tetradrachms – Part II

·        A beginner’s Ancient Journey

·        Pioneer Israeli Numismatist Ya’akov Meshorer Dies

July 2004

·        Barbarism, Art, and Thracian Tetradrachms

·        An Echo of Bucephalus and Aornos

·        Aphrodisias, City of Statues

June 2004

·        Medusa Coins: They’ll Transform You

·        Depictions of the Hero Perseus on Greek Coinage

·        Some Observations on Auction Markets

·        Statistical Analysis of Triton IV

May 2004

·        Vipsania on Roman Coins?

·        The Revolt of Poemenius at Trier

·        A Rare Coin of Thrasemundus of Maastricht

·        A Reused Gloria Exercitvs AE ¾ of Constantine the Great

April 2004

·        Dacian and Celtic Imitations of Republican Denarii

·        Twelve Caesars, Nine Years and 856 Dollars

·        Special “Humor in Numismatics” Section

·        Silphium Again

·        Ring Money Makes Big Money

March 2004

·        Roman Provincial Coins III: The Statues in the Temples and Shrines

·        The Moon is a Harsh Mistress – The Rise and Fall of Cleopatra II Selene

·        Explaining the Market Price of the “Tribute Penny: Evidence from 132 Auctions

February 2004

·        Crescent and Star and Related Images – A Historical Perspective

·        Hellenistic Influences on Hasmonean Attitudes Toward Graven Images and Shekels of Tyre

·        A Classical Romance

January 2004

·        “Horse/Palm Tree” Tetradrachms: The First Carthaginian Coins

·        Campgate Bronzes and Roman Fire Signalling

·        Apollo Lykeios in Ancient Tarsus Numismatics

December 2003

·        First Christian Symbols on Roman Imperial Coins

·        Roman Imperial Persons in North America

·        Coins and Contraceptives: The Plant that Made Kyrene Famous

November 2003

·        Magna Graecia and Coins

·        Was Claudius Really Gothicus?

·        Arethusa, Peerless Nymph!

·        Lucius Aelius Sejanus

October 2003

·        In Owl We Trust

·        Astronomical Roman Coins

·        A Coin’s Tale

·        Collection Management Software: An Old Problem with New Solutions

September 2003

·        Five Olympian Goddesses: Part I – Aphrodite

·        The Solidi of the Byzantine Interregnum 608 – 610

·        Ancient Japan Has Its ‘12’ Coins to Collect

August 2003

·        A Double Entendre in the Alexandrian Bigas of Triptolemos

·        An Unpublished Alexandrian Coin of Augustus

·        Electrum

·        Sixth Century Countermarking on Roman Imperial Bronzes

July 2003

·        Single Digit Dated Coins – An Anomaly from the Late Middle Ages

·        Watching the Hammer Fall – Part II

·        A Brief History of Larissa

June 2003

·        Venus Victrix on Roman Coin Reverses

·        Nero, Master of Propaganda

·        Watching the Hammer Fall

May 2003

·        A Re-Assessment of the Dating and Identification of Etruscan Coinage

·        Images of the Cult Practices on the Coinage of Elagabalus

·        Cultic Images or Ship’s Prow?  A New Look at Pilate’s Coinage

·        Honest Asclepius vs. Sly Old Hermes?

April 2003

·        The Art of Roman Sacrifice

·        Byzantine 101 – Part I

·        Pipe Dreams: The Hydraulis

·        Crowns and Headdresses on the Small Bronzes of Roman Egypt

March 2003

·        Aspects of the Serpent

·        Cypriot Imperial Coinage Under Augustus, 30 – 22 BC

·        The Cappadocian King Ariarathes VI and the Star on the Tiara – An Unique Drachm

February 2003

·        Julia Mamaea – A Woman in Charge?

·        Swimming River Gods in Ancient Cilician Numismatics

·        Unicorns, Uni-Capricorn and Cornucopia – A Judaic Link?

January 2003

·        The Coins of Pompeii

·        Countermarks on Popular Ancient Silver Coins – Part II

·        The Philosophy of Collecting

·        An Unrecorded Cilician Type Combination and Iconography

December 2002

·        Countermarks on Popular Ancient Coins – Part I

·        Coinage for Redeeming the Firstborn: An Ancient and Modern Jewish Ritual

·        On the Road to Which Emmaus, Which Nicopolis?

November 2002

·        Good Help is Hard to Find

·        The Pharaoh and the Prophet

·        Veiled and Draped Bust Right

·        Unevenly Split Coin: A Misfired Blow

October 2002

·        Roman Provincial Coins II: The Statues in the Temples and Shrines – Personified Geography, Powerful Gods and Young Heroes

·        Just My Claudius II Ant’s Worth

·        In the Eye of the Beholder

September 2002

·        The Falling Horseman: An Internet-Based Examination

·        A Brief Introduction to the Celtic Potin Coinage of Gaul

·        On Becoming a Collector

July 2002

·        Portraits and Representations of Alexander the Great

·        Caligula – The Emperor as Autocrat, Part III

·        Dated Palaeologan Coinage

June 2002

·        Ubi Tu Gaius (On Roman Marriage)

·        Caligula – The Emperor As Autocrat, Part II

·        ‘Firsts’ in Ancient Judaean Coins

·        How Ancient Coins Can Be Used to Teach History

May 2002

·        Caligula – The Emperor as Autocrat, Part I

·        Hannibal – Father of the Roman Denarius

·        Bar Kokhba’s Trumpet Coins of the Second Revolt

·        A New Model for Elymaean Royal Chronology

April 2002

·        The Battle of Actium and the Ram

·        The Petrie Bequest to Canada’s National Currency Collection

·        Revisiting a “Counterfeit” Bar Kokhba Sela

·        Numismatic Evidence for a New Seleucid King: Seleucus (VII) Philometor

·        New Inscription Alters Elymais Type Chronology

March 2002

·        Julia Domna – The Philosopher

·        The Face that Launched 80,000 Deaths

·        Bellum Civile: The Coinage of Marcus Junius Brutus Marks the End of the Republic

February 2002

·        The Antoniniani of Philip the Arab

·        Art and History in Ravenna

·        On Rarity – Rarity and the Value of Ancient Roman Coins

January 2002

·        Roman Provincial Coins: The Statues in the Temples and Shrines

·        Misattribution of Alexander III Tetradrachms

·        A New Roman Republican Owl Quinarius

December 2001

·        Delphi – City at the Center of the Earth

·        Foiled by Fourrees?

·        Gravimetric Data in General Works on Greek Coins

November 2001

·        Early Central Asian Imitations III: Coinage of Heliokles I and the Kushan Connection

·        The Helmeted Head of Roma, Facing Left

·        The Judaean Prutahs Minted Under Tiberius

October 2001

·        Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth – A New Exhibition at the Field Museum in Chicago

·        The Great God of Odessos – Darzalas

·        Some Unpublished and Rare Coins from Ancient Cilicia

·        The Art of Grading Ancient Coinage

September 2001

·        The Secret of Orichalcum

·        Reflections of a Hymn to Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries

·        Jewish Names of Kings on Biblical Coins Reflect the Name of G-d

August 2001

·        Eating with the Romans

·        Valens’ “Gavdivm Romani Popvli”

·        The Antoninianus – the Standard Coin of 3rd Century Rome

July 2001

·        Faustina the Younger – the New Messalina?

·        The Influence of Ancient Monetization on Human Psychohistory

·        East is East and West is West

·        Celtic News

·        A New Solidus of Constans as Augustus at Heraclea

June 2001

·        Front Side, Back Side, Which Side?

·        Early Central Asian Imitations II: Athenian Owls and After

·        Adultery, Murder and Divorce: The Literary Evidence of Domitia, Julia and Domitian

May 2001

·        Gallic Arms for a Syrian Victory?: The Apollo Sosianus Frieze and its Numismatic Precedents

·        The Genius of Alexandria: Another Viewpoint

·        The Rediscovery of an ‘Old Friend’

April 2001

·        The River as God – The Actuality of the Perception of Antiquity

·        Hengistbury Hairy

·        Numismatists (And Archaeologists) Remembered II

·        The True Meaning Behind the Debased Marc Antony Legionary “Denarii” of the Late First Century BC

·        A Hole Through “The Looking Glass”

March 2001

·        Roman 1st Century AES and Their Countermarks

·        If Money Could Talk

·        “DOC” Like an Egyptian

·        U.S. Declines Italy’s Request to Impose Restrictions on Ancient Coins

·        Numismatics and Antiquarian Dr. Leo Mildenberg Dies in Zurich

February 2001

·        An Unrecognized Representation of Alexander the Great on Hadrian’s Alexandrian Coinage

·        Recent Studies in Parthian History: Part III

·        Silphium Rediscovered

·        The Life and Times of Galla Placidia

January 2001

·        Masinissa, King of Numidia, a Forgotten Monarch from Ancient History

·        Recent Studies in Parthian History: Part II

·        The Bishop’s Coin

December 2000

·        Recent Studies in Parthian History: Part 1

·        The Cities of South Central and Eastern Cilicia: An Ancient Numismatist’s Paradise

·        John Frederick Bergman, Numismatic Bookseller - Friend

November 2000

·        Cornucopia – A Horn of Plenty

·        A New Iconography for the Electrum Coins of Kyzikos

·        Interpreting Celtic River Findings

·        New Israel Numismatic Journal 13 Published Honoring Dr. Arie Kindler

October 2000

·        Silphium, Silver and Strife: The History of Kyrenaika and Its Coinage

·        Investigating a Unique Byzantine Weight

·        Numismatica Oldgreek Computer Font Enters Test Phase

·        Coin of Herod the Great: Star or Crest?

September 2000

·        Faustina the Elder – The Eternal Empress

·        Pseudo-Byzantine Coinage From Seventh Century Syria

·        Caravan Foundation Holds “King ‘N Things” Conference

·        Numismatists Remembered

August 2000

·        Laur., Dr. and Cuir. Bust Right

·        Euclid’s Proposition on Ancient Turtles and Tortoises

·        From the Hand of a Master – the Antiochene Follis of Phocas

·        The Information Needs of Academic Numismatists

July 2000

·        Early Central Asian Imitations I: The Coinage of Eukratides I

·        A Seleucid Mint at Samaria-Sebaste?

·        Pula’s Ancient Stones

June 2000

·        Celtic Currency Bars Found in River

·        The Emperor Magnentius: His Life and Coinage – Part 2

·        Estate Planning for the Collector

May 2000

·        The Emperor Magnentius: His Life and Coinage – Part I

·        Coins of the Kushan Kings – Part 2

·        The Slavey Interview – Part 2

April 2000

·        Coins of the Kushan Kings – Part 1

·        The Slavey Interview – Part 1

·        Coins Minted in the Year Zero?

·        Review of the New Book on the Du Chastel Collection

March 2000

·        Late Roman Barbarous Bronze Coinage

·        ‘Busted’

·        Charles H. Wolfe, Long-time Dealer and Specialist in Ancient Coinage, Dies

·        Husband of British Queen Changes His Name

February 2000

·        Numismatic Mythology: The Myth of Lycurgus

·        Coins Date Ancient Shipwrecks

·        Statistical Analyses of Triton III

·        In Remembrance of Dr. Arthur Stone Dewing

January 2000

·        Sabina – Wife of the “Greekling”

·        Dor – Ruler of the Seas and a Lead Weight Attributed to It

·        Brutus Revisited

·        A Brief Dip into Roman Bathing

December 1999

·        Pankration and Greek Coins

·        What’s in a Name? Decipherment of a Carthaginian Exergue Inscription

·        The Athenian Treasury Hoard

·        Cultural Property Advisory Committee Reviews Italian Request for Import Restrictions

November 1999

·        The Coins of Tiryns

·        Mithradates VI or M. Junius Brutus?

·        Diana on a Denarius of Nerva

·        Images of Christ on the Coins of Justinian II

·        An Interview with David R. Sear

October 1999

·        A Ptolemaic Pentekaidekadrachm

·        An Unrecorded Denarius of Pescennius Niger

·        Coin World to Publish New Roman Coinage Book

·        More on Faustina Junior’s Coinage

September 1999

·        Plotina – The New Livia

·        Barbarians and Romans: The Mint of Rome Under Odovacar and the Ostrogoths A.D. 476 - 554

·        Gold Staters of Brutus

·        A 4th Century B.C. Hoard of Macedonian AE Coins

August 1999

·        The Sasanian King Xusro II ‘The Great’, AD 590 – 628, and His Coinage

·        Mater Castrorum, the Coinage of Faustina the Younger – Part II

·        Perseus and Andromeda

·        The Carthaginian Silver Five-Shekel and the Electrum Three-Shekel Coins

July 1999

·        Mater Castrorum, the Coinage of Faustina the Younger – Part I

·        Collecting Sesterii of the 12 Caesars

·        A Coin from the Kingdom of Tylis

·        Hercules and the Giant Antaeus

June 1999

·        The History of the Aegis

·        Re-Tooled Antonine Medallions

·        Aristotle’s Herpetology

·        Ursone – the City of the Bears

·        Special Exhibition at Dumbarton Oaks

·        British Museum; Dept. of Coins and Medals

May 1999

·        Domitia Longina: The Survivor

·        The Crime of Diogenes

·        The Thunder Cult of Zeus on Roman Coins

·        Astronomy and Healing in Ancient Meso-America

April 1999

·        John of Brienne, The Crusade of Damietta

·        Claudius: The Man, Times and Coinage – Part III

·        The Last Roman Emperor

·        A Pair of Holed Rarities

March 1999

·        Fabled Kore: The Goddess of Sardis

·        Claudius: Part II

·        The Roman Triumphal Arch

·        The “Parthian Dark Age”

February 1999

·        Claudius: The Man, Times and Coinage – Part I

·        Rob Morris: American Numismatic Trailblazer

·        Three Graces’ Mythology and Coinage

·        Julia Domna: The Other Woman?  A Twin?

January 1999

·        Agrippina the Younger: Mother of Nero

·        Survey of Antony and Cleopatra Coins

·        Slavey: The Truth Behind the Legend

·        Bronze Coins of Thrace and the Black Sea

·        Gold Stater of Lysimachus Revisited

December 1998

·        Architecture on ‘Tesserae Lusoriae’

·        Coins of the Roman Mines

·        Questions Pertaining to Greek Silver Coins With Low Specific Gravities

November 1998

·        Imitations of 11th Century Byzantine Coins Found on the Taman Peninsula

·        More Anonymous Bronzes

·        On the Reverse Pattern on the Silver Coins from Corcyra, Apollonia and Dyrrhachium

·        A Celtic Copper Conumdrum

October 1998

·        The Christogram: Mithraic Map of the Cosmos?

·        The English Moneyers’ “Bloody Christmas”

·        Analyzing Armenian Coin Values

September 1998

·        Agrippina the Elder: Heroine of the Rhine Bridge

·        Collecting Chinese Cash

·        Diocletian and Images of Concord

August 1998

·        The Mythic Connection of Snakes in the Ancient World

·        Romans and Armenia, Chapter 4

·        Anonymous Byzantine Coin Designs

·        Ancient Coin Grading and Description

July 1998

·        Antonia: Mother of Claudius

·        The Horae: The Four Seasons in Roman Numismatics

·        The ‘Standing Caliph’ Coinage

·        Ancient Coins as Cultural Property: A Legal Perspective on Numismatics and the Antiquities Trade

June 1998

·        Symbolism of the Sphere

·        Romans and Armenia, Chapter 3

·        What Can Archaeologists Learn from Stone Tools?

·        Euthydemus I, King of Bactria: A Portrait Raises Questions

May 1998

·        Xenophon’s ‘Anabasis’, 401 – 399 BC

·        Monkey Business at the Alexandrian Mint

·        Numismatics and the Antiquities Trade

April 1998

·        Livia: The First Lady of Rome

·        Lysander: A Head and a Tale

·        An Ancient Amulet – and a Modern Healing

·        Romans and Armenia, Chapter 2

·        Sir Peter Paul Rubens: Part 3, the Painter

March 1998

·        Roman Coins and Medals Relating to Armenia

·        Macedonian Myths on Coins of Archelaus

·        Cleaning Ancient Coins: A Chemist’s View

·        The Astrolabe of Amirdovlat

·        Sir Peter Paul Rubens: Part II, the Illustrator

February 1998

·        Coinage from the Fortress City of Termessos

·        The Caduceus and the Staff of Aesculapius

·        Ancient Coins Show They Knew It Was Round

·        Elusive Dated Coins of the Decade 1451 – 1460

·        Sir Peter Paul Rubens: Part I, the Collector

January 1998

·        Numismatic Evidence of a Benevolent Biblical Goddess

·        The Portraits of Julia Domna

·        The Artistic Terracottas of Tanagra

·        Quantum Leap in Constantinople

·        Ancient Anecdotes: Coins of the Twelve Caesars

December 1997

·        St. Nicholas: A Myth from the Roman Era

·        The Numismatic ‘Written Word’

·        A Great Time to be Collecting Severans

·        The 13th Century Venetian Grosso

·        The Roman Plough: A Measure of History

November 1997

·        Nerva: A Biographical and Numismatic Profile

·        The Coinage of Olbia and Its Evolution

·        Pre-Columbian Ailments in Figurines

·        A Coin from Ancient Poseidonia

·        Magnifying Lenses Revisited

October 1997

·        Jerusalem Siege Coin of 69/70 C.E.

·        The Origin of Coinage: Evolution of a Theory

·        Fraternal Hatred: Caracalla and Geta

September 1997

·        The Filius Augusti of the Tetrarchic Period

·        The Politics and Coins of Constantine VII

·        The Athenian Plague of 430 B.C.

August 1997

·        A Look at Tacitus and the Interregnum

·        Coins Depicting Republican Gladiators

·        The History and Coinage of Kolophon

·        The Hephthalite Akhshanor

July 1997

·        The Coin Portraits of Alexander the Great

·        Analyses of Counterfeit Armenian Coins

·        Unpublished Coin Depicting Daphne

·        Cuneiform in Nummis

June 1997

·        Mithradates Used Coins and Comets as Propaganda

·        The Relative Absence of Amphibians on Greek Coins

·        The Empresses’ Hairdos on Roman Coinage: Part 2

·        Turtle Coinage Raises Interesting Questions

May 1997

·        Why Are You So Sure It’s a Fake?

·        Athenian Coinage: Progress and Problems

·        The Empresses’ Hairdos on Roman Coinage

April 1997

·        Dyrrachium: Rome’s Doorway to Greece

·        Feline Motifs on Ancient Coinage

·        Visiting the Ancient City of Trier

March 1997

·        Die Links Among Drachms of the Bar Kokhba War

·        The Portrait Tetradrachms of Antimachos

·        The Benefits of Ancient Coin Clubs

February 1997

·        Caracalla and Human Sacrifice?

·        Third Party Identification and Attribution

·        Tale of the Ties: Part 2

January 1997

·        The Medallion of the Emperor Commodus

·        The Abstract Coinage of Iberian Ulia

·        An Ancient Tracian Coin Collection

December 1996

·        Was Nero the Natural Son of Claudius?

·        Titus: Darling of the Human Race? Part III

·        At the Heart of Collecting

November 1996

·        History and Coinage of the Emperor Heraclius

·        Titus: Darling of the Human Race?  Part II

·        Ethics: One Dealer’s Perspective

October 1996

·        Money of the Magyars and their Predecessors

·        Updating the Thorngrafton Hoard

·        Titus: Darling of the Human Race?  Part I

September 1996

·        The Coins of Colonia Augusta Nemausus

·        The Uncertainty of the Brescia Medallion

·        Ancient Coins and the Internet

August 1996

·        Accession Silver of Maximinus Thrax

·        Evidence for the Badge of Phanes

·        Illiterate Die Engravers?

July 1996

·        The Signed Bronzes of Syracuse

·        Introduction to Byzantine Weights

·        Women Healers on Ancient Coinage

·        EDXRF: Fun with Ancient Coins

June 1996

·        Telephos: The Myth, the Coins, the Exhibition

·        An Unpublished Drachm of Lysimachus

·        Syrian and Phoenician Tetradrachms

·        Tourette’s and the Julio-Claudians

May 1996

·        Syrian and Phoenician Tetradrachms

·        Greek Influenced Portrait Coins of India

·        Investing in our Future

April 1996

·        The Distinctive Coinage of Sicilian Naxos

·        The “Crown of Thorns” on Ancient Coinage

·        Minerva Victrix: Domitian’s Final War

·        The Bearded Virgin of Isaac II

March 1996

·        Pan’s Lagobolon on the Coins of Antigonus Gonatas

·        Astrological Omens: Caesar’s Fortune

·        What, if Anything, is a Byzantine

·        Mint Marks on Roman Coins

February 1996

·        Athenian Didrachm Census

·        Carausius: Menapiae Civis

·        The “Crouching” Horse of Larissa

·        Akragas Bronze: A Fiduciary Coinage

January 1996

·        Coins on Ancient Roman New Year’s Lamps

·        The Voice of Classical Greek

·        The Real “Tribute Penny”

·        Auctions: Some Basic Information

December 1995

·        Caracalla as Alexander Novus

·        Die Links: A Tool for the Numismatist

·        Septimius Severus: Superstitious Emperor?

·        Roman Britain and its Coinage

November 1995

·        Coinage of the Lycian League

·        Julian II: Philosopher-Emperor

·        The Antoniniani of Probus

·        The Collector and the Beyond

October 1995

·        Julian the Apostate: The Philosopher-Emperor

·        A Coin Quest: Exploring the Museums of Greece and Turkey

·        Meroe: A Fabulous Ancient Kingdom Without a Coinage

September 1995

·        Return of the Captured Standards

·        The History of Legio XXI RAPAX

·        The Patina of Ancient Coins

·        Otho: The Wig and the Coin

August 1995

·        The Triumphal Coinage of Vespasian and Titus

·        The Personal Names of the Roman Emperors

·        How Can You Tell They Are Real?

July 1995

·        Rescuing the Past: Trajan Decius

·        The Strength and Size of Maximinus I Thrax

·        Maps on Ancient Coins

June 1995

·        The “Danube Bridge” on the Coinage of Trajan

·        Non-Destructive Analysis of Ancient Coins

·        The Results of “A Little Learning”

May 1995

·        Blood on the Moon in Aquarius

·        Internet Coin and Antiquities Resources

·        Lucius Opimius: Consul for the Wine Lover

April 1995

·        The Circus Maximus

·        Ancient Minting Mistakes

·        The “Tribal” Coinage of Ancient India

·        A Follis of Maximinus II Daza

March 1995

·        Nero’s Goiter: A Modern Diagnosis

·        The Significance of Laurel Wreath Ties

·        An Unusual Artuqid-Zengid Coin

·        Biblical Coinage Checklists

February 1995

·        The Silphium Connection

·        Livilla’s Portrait on Roman Coinage?

·        Mars the Defender and the Siege of Antioch

·        The Rise and Fall of Philip the Arab

January 1995

·        The So-Called “Butting Bull” on Ancient Coinage

·        Meteorites: Sacred Stones of Ancient Rome

·        The Mysterious Coins of the Etruscans

December 1994

·        The Bees of Ephesos: Coinage and Commerce

·        The Unholy Triangle of Seleucid Coinage

·        Error Coins Stir the Imagination

November 1994

·        Astrological Omens: The Ides of March

·        Sasanian Bronze Coins Minted in Alexandria

·        The Case of the Curious Coin of Caligula

October 1994

·        Re-Examining the Reign of Domitian

·        Coins of the 14th Century Popes

·        Imagery Indicates Cultural Values

September 1994

·        Aqueducts on Ancient Roman Coinage

·        Corinth: Games, Myths and Coinage

·        Coins of the 14th Century Popes

·        Imagery Indicates Cultural Values

August 1994

·        Computer Software for the Collector

·        Computer Databases and Ancient Coins

·        Additional Christodoulos Dies Revealed

·        RIC: The History of a Remarkable Series

July 1994

·        The Fertility Snake on Coins of Roman Alexandria

·        Exploring the Coinage of Aelia Capitolina

·        Eutychides’ Tyche of Antioch

June 1994

·        Classical Mythology and Spiritual Energy

·        Italian Renaissance Portrait Medals

·        Survey of 12 Caesars Portrait Denarii

May 1994

·        The Incense Road: The Coinage of South Arabia

·        Three Previously Unconfirmed Roman Coins

·        Uratu: An Armenian Metalworking Center

·        The Reign of Gordianus Pius

April 1994

·        Capricorn: Horoscope of Augustus

·        Line Drawings the Easy Way

·        A Quadrans of Caligula

March 1994

·        The Aurei from the Fabulous Boscoreale Treasure

·        Pedigree of Nero: A Case Study of Roman Nobility

·        A Four-Day Quadrans of Claudius

February 1994

·        Eunus Antiochus: A Slave Revolt in Sicily

·        “Great Seleucid Catalogue”: A Work in Progress

·        Consecration Phenomena of Faustina the Elder

·        The Puteal Depicted on Roman Coins

January 1994

·        Operation Petticoat: The Rescue of Thebes

·        Reconstruction of the “Bavarian Collection”

·        The Coinage and Commerce of Cyrene

·        In Memoriam: Khatchadour Mousheghian

December 1993

·        “Varus, Give Me Back My Coinage”

·        Hercules Commodianus: Part II

·        The Real King Arthur?

·        The Roman Legions

November 1993

·        The History and Coinage of Commodus

·        New Varieties of Byzantine Coins


·        Fear of Flying

October 1993

·        For the Welfare of the Human Race

·        Rams Used on Ancient Warships

·        Overstruck Bronze Coins of Armenia

·        Philip III Arrhidaeus

September 1993

·        The Column of Trajan on Roman Coinage

·        More on Mythological Interpretation

·        Horned Horse Head on Coins of Seleucus I

August 1993

·        Black Sea Hoard Controversy: RIP

·        Iberia Part 3: Late Republic and Early Empire

·        Zeus and Hercules: Men or Myth?

·        Tarpeia and the Omina Lunae

July 1993

·        The Pharos of Alexandria on Coinage

·        Iberia Part 2: The Roman Conquest of Spain

·        Revolt, War, and Victory: A.D. 350 – 353

·        Ancient Coins as Sacred Objects

·        Alauddin Khaiji: Superman

June 1993

·        Iberia Part 1: Spain Before the Romans

·        The Ancient Kingdom of Aksum

·        A Coin Deserving More Research

·        Inflation: Nothing New in Coinage

May 1993

·        A New Distater of Alexander

·        Slavery and Coins in the Roman World

·        Portrait Coins of ScipioAfricanus?

·        Godfrey and the Cross of Jerusalem

·        Armenian Silver Hoard Discovered

April 1993

·        From the Coin’s Point of View

·        Astrological Omens on Roman Coinage

·        The Incuse Coinage of Southern Italy

·        Barbarous Copies from Northern Europe

March 1993

·        The Altar of Lugdunum

·        The Fall of Rome: Anastasius I

·        Duplication of Cuneiform Tablets

·        Rakicic’s Reverie Resumes

February 1993

·        The First Greek Wrestler-Type Coin

·        The Fall of Rome: The Second Reign of Zeno

·        Astrological Reference on Trajan Aureus

·        Mythology: The Material and the Spiritual

January 1993

·        Imitations of Gordian III Antoniniani

·        The Fall of Rome and the First Reign of Zeno

·        Inscription Solves Characene Mystery

December 1992

·        Discovery: Light Miliarense of Valentinian III

·        The Fall of Rome and the Reign of Leo I

·        Twilight Coin Zone Revisited

November 1992

Note: Cover erroneously lists this as Vol. 6, No. 10, October 1992 (same as previous month’s issue)

·        Vota Publica: The Origins of Voting

·        The Pixodarus-Alexander Affair

·        Cursaders and Their Coinage

·        The Romans at Neneveh

October 1992

·        Coinage of the Byzantine Emperor Herakleios

·        Fel Temp Reparatio: Protecting the Frontiers

·        The Double Axe: Symbol of Power

September 1992

·        Detection of Altered and Counterfeit Ancient Coins Requires Basic Understanding

·        Examination of Die-Engraving Technique Exposes “Black Sea Hoard” Coins as Modern

·        Clubs and Societies Offer a Variety of Benefits and Activities for the Collector

August 1992

·        Architectural Consecration Coins of Maxentius

·        The Dove Depicted on the Coinage of Sicyon

·        Explorations of the Ancient Phoenicians

·        Arsacid Bronze Drachms of Elymais

July 1992

·        Ancient Olympia: The Place, The Games

·        Dark Age Britain: The Rise of the Saxons

·        Psychoanalysis of the Numismatist

·        The Coinage of Armenia

June 1992

·        Dark Age Britain: The Retreat of Rome

·        Flood Story Inspired Coin Motif

·        Claudius: A Classical Syndrome Diagnosed

·        Julio-Claudian Coin Reunion

May 1992

·        Consecratio Issues of Ancient Rome

·        The Lyre and the Kithera on Greek Coinage

·        Byzantine Coin Denominational Markings

·        Cataloging an Ancient Coin Collection

·        An Hypothesis on the Earliest Coinage

April 1992

·        Propaganda on the Coins of Lysimachos

·        Shops and Shopkeepers in Ancient Rome

·        Wonder Drug Depicted on Ancient Coins

·        The Romans: A Psychological Profile

March 1992

·        Pre-Renaissance Collecting of Ancient Coins

·        Popular Legion X References Refuted

·        Ililianius: The Lost Emperor

·        Tale of the 25-Cent Jotapian Antoninianus

February 1992

·        Opposing Worlds are Revealed on Judaean Coin

·        Roman Republic: Another Look at Chronology

·        Inflation and Roman Conquests

·        Land of the Queen of Sheba; Frankincense and Myrrh

January 1992

·        “Portus”: The Ancient Roman Harbor at Ostia

·        Magna Mater: Later History and Final Demise

·        Portrayal of a “EID MAR” Fouree

·        Did Herod Have Congestive Heart Failure?

December 1991

·        New Light Shed on the Christmas Star

·        Ancient Mauretania: Coins and Architecture

·        Dating of Iberian Coinage Discussed

·        Byzantine Coinage: The Last Icon

November 1991

·        Samarian Coins Revealed

·        The Globe Depicted on Roman Coins

·        Warrior Queen Humbled Romans

·        The Caduceus on Ancient Coinage

·        A Reverie in Attic Key

October 1991

·        The Colosseum on Roman Coins

·        The Storage of Coins and Medals

·        Arsacid Prince Resurfaces after 2,000 Years

·        Ancient Coin Hosts “This is Your Lifetime”

·        History of Ancient Coin Forgers

September 1991

·        Demetrios Poliorcetes: Theatrical Mentality

·        Demetrios Poliorcetes and the Siege of Rhodes

·        New Chronology for Coins of Gondophares

·        Making Plastic Replicas of Ancient Coins

·        Casting Methods for Cylinder Seals

August 1991

·        Hoplitodromos: The Hoplite Race in Armor

·        Ancient Armament Portrayed on Roman Coins

·        Making Sense of Greek Coin Weight Standards

·        Sources of Gold in the Ancient World

July 1991

·        Diocletian’s Silvered Bronze Coinage

·        Pius II and the Ninth Crusade

·        Tale of the “Tribute Penny”

·        Ancient Drama and Coinage

June 1991

·        New Data on Hasmonean Coins

·        “Indian Type” Denarii of Tiberius

·        Journey to the Time of Alexander

May 1991

·        Magna Mater: The Early Empire

·        Homer is Honored on Greek Coinage

·        Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

April 1991

·        The Ultimate Hellenistic Portrait

·        Nineteenth Dynasty Tombs in Egypt

·        PAX as Propaganda on Coins of Commodus

March 1991

·        Arras Hoard Still Raising Questions

·        Constantinian Campgate: Turrets or Beacons?

·        Common Coins: Uncommon Men

February 1991

·        Magna Mater: Socio-Political History

·        Battle of Ipsus Defined Hellenistic World

·        “Meet the Coins” Selects the Most Famous Female from the Past

January 1991

·        Magna Mater: Roman Mother Goddess

·        Constantine’s Vision: A New Hypothesis

·        Mythological Themes in Greek Coinage

·        Understanding Style: Part 4

December 1990

·        Baths of Constantine Reinterpreted

·        Roman Army in China?

·        Count Dracula the Numismatist

·        Fakes and Forgeries

·        Understanding Style: Part 3

November 1990

·        The Gemma Tiberiana

·        Tale of the Gorgon

·        Trajan Sestertius Visits New York

·        Understanding Style: Part 2

October 1990

·        Coinage of King Croesus

·        New Sassanian Mint Discovered

·        Late Roman Hoard Traced

·        Understanding Style: Part 1

September 1990

·        Etruscan Coins and Culture

·        Temple of Isis at Pompeii

·        Twilight Coin Zone

August 1990

·        Timeless Tradition: Origin of Piggy Bank Traced to Life Style of Romans

·        Classical Images: Turkoman Die-Engraver Borrowed Hellenistic Motif

July  1990

·        Propaganda and Symbolism: Coinage of Brutus Reveals Strong Republican Views

·        Economics and Coinage: Chios Served as Major Trade Center in Ancient Aegean

June 1990

·        Roman Alphabet: Engraver’s Tools Dictated Style of Letters on Coins

·        Propaganda and Symbolism: Caesar Used Coinage to Further Political Ambitions

May 1990

·        Egyptian Archaeology: Despite Grave Robbers, Undiscovered Tombs May Remain

·        Propaganda and Symbolism: Life of Common Man Revealed in Roman Imperial Coinage

April 1990

·        Paphlagonian History: Tyche is Identified as Goddess on Coins of Kromna

·        Renaissance Art: Humanism Motivated Pisanello to Create Medals

March 1990

·        Déjà vu: Second Century Civil Wars Were History Rerun

·        Coming to America: Ancient Coins Were Part of Conquistador’s Chattel

February 1990

·        Roman Undertype: Judean Rebel Denarius Reflects 2nd Century Turmoil

·        Buried for Centuries: Coins of Pompeii Provide Clues to Daily Roman Life

January 1990

·        Roman Africa: Vandals Issued Crude Silver and Bronze Coinage

·        Trajan Decius: Draco Was Used as a Standard for Roman Legions

December 1989

·        Coins Reflect History: Tarsus Coinage Commemorated the Great Sandon

·        Abbasids – Part Three: Deterioration of Caliphate Power Traced in Coinage

November 1989

·        Philosophy in Art: Influence of Plotinus Led to “Hard Style” in Coinage

·        Abbasids – Part Two: Political and Fiscal Elements Influence Coinage

October 1989

·        Symbols Important: Pegasos Was Corinth’s Logo

·        Abbasid Overthrow Resulted in Changed Coinage

September 1989

·        Cinderella Coins: Rarities Not Expensive

·        Year of Impact: Coins of 44 BC Hold Special Place in History

August 1989

·        Mini-series of the Ancients: Kings of Cappadocia Struck Independent Coinage

·        Aelia Capitolina Colony Important Under Hadrian

July 1989

·        Anchors, Elephants, and More: Seleucid Coin Symbols Reveal History of an Epoch

·        Umayyad and Abbasid Relationship Rethought (part two)

·        Flourishing Art: Luristan Became a Center of Skilled Metalworkers

June 1989

·        Umayyad and Abbasid relationship is Rethought

·        Literature Points Out Knowledge of Magnifiers

May 1989

·        New Interpretation: Historical Event Inspired Turkoman Coin Type

·        Coins of Aigina Indicate Historical Political Change

April 1989

·        Coins Cataloged: Trebizond Issued Independent Series of Bronzes

·        Beware the Ides: Calendar’s Origin Complex

March 1989

·        Library a Marvel: Ptolemaic Dynasty Fostered Scholarly Research

·        Unrecorded: Legion Symbols Claimed

February 1989

·        New Issues Found: Isaac Comnenus: Just a Little Empire on Cyprus

·        Commercial Importance: Rhodos Coins Reflect Trade

January 1989

·        7th Century Radical Reform led to a Truly Islamic Style of Coinage

·        For Beginners: Dealer Offers Helpful Tips

December 1988

·        Reflection of Beauty: Greek Art Pervaded Coins

·        Artistic Choice: Archaic Style Lived On

November 1988

·        Seutonius Related Character of the 12 Caesars

·        Two Megawatts Scientist Nukes Ancients

October 1988

·        Jewish Bronze Coins Help Clarify Biblical History

·        Fathers’ Day Gift: Shekel Inspires Research

September 1988

·        Mules Seen as Coinage of Necessity – Not Error

·        Distinctive Style Eastern Severan Coins Attract Collectors

August 1988

·        Arab-Sasanian Copper Presents Varied Typology

·        Queen of Palmyra Zenobia Struck Coinage for Propaganda

July 1988

·        Necessity Played Key Role in Roman Coin Changes

·        Third in a Series: Sasanian Motifs Used in Islamic Coinage

June 1988

·        Celestial Displays Inspired Ancient Coin Designs

·        Alexandrian Coins Used Distinctive Dating System

May 1988

·        Literary Sources Reveal Buying Power of Drachm

·        Coin Aids Attribution of Balbinus Portrait Bust

April 1988

·        Islamic Conquerors Adapted Local Byzantine Coinage

March 1988

·        Portraiture Dominated Coinage of the Romans

February 1988

·        Calligraphers Created Dies for Islamic Coinage

·        Judaean History is Traced With Coins

January 1988

·        Celator Celebrates Year of Accomplishment

·        Egyptian and Roman Cults Mix in Nome Coinage

·        Master Images Reflected in Coins from Antiquity

·        Special Center Pullout: Numismatic Pilot to Ancient Coins and Their Uses Vol. 1, No. 1, 1876

Dec 1987

·        Quality Coin Photos

Oct/Nov 1987

·        Coins of Roman Egypt Combine Many Cultures

Aug/Sep 1987

·        Byzantine Emperor Links Present to Past

Jun/Jul 1987

·        Auctions Highlight Collector Interest

Apr/May 1987

·        Fifth Century Byzantine Lamp Reflects Contemporary Gold Coins

Feb/Mar 1987

·        Consular Coins Commemorated Giving of Gifts and Public Games



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1 hour ago, ewomack said:

Does anyone know what happened to The Celator? Did the creators just decide to fold the journal? Has anyone discussed attempting to resuscitate it?

For the pre-1998 articles a complete and organized index was produced for The Celator and is on their website here: https://wgs.cc/celator/celindexpm.pdf
Some articles have abstracts. It is in pdf form and can be searched like any pdf by author and by words.


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4 hours ago, ewomack said:

Thank you for the index! That will definitely help searching the online archives.

Does anyone know what happened to The Celator? Did the creators just decide to fold the journal? Has anyone discussed attempting to resuscitate it?

https://wgs.cc/celator/ says "Kerry published it for another 13 years before experiencing significant health problems and being forced to cease publishing of the journal in its 25th year."

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This is a list of the Celator magazines that i have collected, enjoyed the cartoons in the magazine!


8          3                  MARCH            1994           BOSCOREALE: THE AUREI OF 1895

                                                                                THE PEDIGREE OF NERO

                                                                                A FOUR-DAY QUADRANS OF CLAUDIUS

8          8                  AUGUST           1994           COMPUTER SOFTWARE

8          9                  SEPTEMBER   1994           AQUEDUCTS ON ANCIENT ROMAN COINAGE

8          10               OCTOBER        1994           DOMITIAN UNMALIGNED

8          11               NOVEMBER    1994           ASTROLOGICAL OMENS: IDES OF MARCH


9          1                  JANUARY        1995           METEORITES: SACRED STONES OF ANCIENT ROME

                                                                                RELIGIOUS FUSION CONSTANTINIAN BRONZES

                                                                                THE FIRST VISION OF CONSTANTINE

                                                                                A PRONUNCIATION GUIDE TO ROMAN COINS

9          2                  FEBUARY        1995           LIVILLA’S PORTRAIT ON ROMAN COINS

                                                                                MARS THE DEFENDER & THE SEIGE OF ANTIOCH

                                                                                ILL GOTTEN GAINS: RISE & FALL OF PHILIP I

                                                                                ROMAN COIN HOARD

9          4                  APRIL               1995           CIRCUS MAXIMUS PORTRAYED ON ROMAN COINS

                                                                                COLLECTORS TOP TEN GUIDES TO SUCCESSFUL BUY

                                                                                FOLLIS OF MAXIMINUS II DAZA

9          5                  MAY                  1995           BLOOD ON THE MOON IN AQUARIUS:                                                                                                 ASSASSINATION OF DOMITIAN

                                                                                ACCESSING INTERNET COIN RESOURCES

                                                                                ESTIMATING ESTIMATES: A BIDDER’S GUIDE

                                                                                LICINIVS AND LICINNIVS

9          6                  JUNE                  1995           DANUDE BRIDGE ON THE COINAGE OF TRAJAN

                                                                                RESULTS OF A LITTLE LEARNING

9          7                  JULY                  1995           RESCUING THE PAST: TRAJAN DECIUS

                                                                                ROMANEMPEROR RULED BY HIS STRENGTH, SIZE                                                                      MAXIMINUS I THRAX

                                                                                OVERSTRUCK BRONZE OFFERS HISTORICAL                                                                                 PERSPECTIVE

                                                                                UNDERSTANDING RESERVES AND ESTIMATES IN                                                                        THE AUCTION ROOM

9          8                  AUGUST           1995           THE TRIUMPHAL COINAGE OF VESPASIAN & TITUS

                                                                                THE PERSONAL NAMES OF THE ROMAN EMPERORS

9          9                  SEPTEMBER   1995           RETURN OF CAPTURED STANDARDS HONORED ON                                                                     DENARII OF AUGUSTUS

                                                                                HISTORY OF LEGIO XXI RAPAX

                                                                                PATINA OF ANCIENT COINS: AN OVERVIEW

                                                                                OTHO: THE WIG AND THE COIN

                                                                                “JEWISH” EMPRESS OF ROME?

                                                                                LETTERS: DECIUS & MAXIMINUS II

9          10               OCTOBER        1995           JULIAN THE APOSTATE: THE PHILOSOPHER

                                                                                A COIN QUEST: EXPLORING THE MUSEUMS OF                                                              GREECE & TURKEY

9          11               NOVEMBER    1995           JULIAN THE APOSTATE: THE PHILOSOPHER PART II

                                                                                ANTONINIANI OF THE ROMAN EMPEROR PROBUS

                                                                                THE COLLECTOR AND THE BEYOND

                                                                                LOST & FOUND, & LOST & FOUND AGAIN

9          12               DECEMBER    1995           PROPAGANDA & THE PYTHIAN GAMES: CARACALLA                                                     AS ALEXANDER NOVUS

                                                                                DIE LINKS

                                                                                SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS: THE SUPERSTITIOUS EMPEROR

                                                                                ROMAN BRITIAN & ITS COINAGE

10       1                  JANUARY        1996           COINS ON ANCIENT ROMAN NEW YEAR’S LAMP

                                                                                THE VOICE OF CLASSICAL GREEK

                                                                                THE REAL “TRIBUTE PENNY”

                                                                                AUCTIONS: SOME BASIC INFORMATION

                                                                                A JULIA DOMNA MINTMARK?

                                                                                LONG TERM METHOD FOR STORING ANCIENT COINS

                                                                                CARAUSIUS AND ALLECTUS: THE BRITISH USURPERS

10       2                  FEBUARY        1996           DIDRACHAMS OF ATHENS

                                                                                CARAUSIUS CARVED AN EMPIRE FROM WITHIN AN                                                                   EMPIRE

                                                                                AUCTIONS: INS AND OUTS

                                                                                IS COIN COLLECTING A FORM OF ESCAPISM?

10       3                  MARCH            1996           ASTROLOGICAL OMENS: CAESAR’S FORTUNE

                                                                                WHEN DO COINS BECOME ANCIENT?

                                                                                PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BUILDING A LIBRARY

                                                                                THE FIVE GROUPS OF JEWISH COINAGE

                                                                                WHAT, IF ANYTHING IS A BYZANTINE?

                                                                                MINT MARKS ON ROMAN COINS

                                                                                WHO WERE THE BYZANTINES?

10       4                  APRIL               1996           CHESS IN ANCIENT ROME?

                                                                                THE CROWN OF HORNS SHOWN ON ANCIENT COINS

                                                                                THE ANCIENT COINAGE OF CRETE: PART I

                                                                                MINERVA VICTRIX: DOMITIAN’S FINAL WAR, AD 96

                                                                                DECEMBER 193: A PUZZLING TIME MINT OF ROME

                                                                                EMPEROR’S TITLES: CLUES FOR DATING COINS

10       5                  MAY                  1996           THE ANCIENT COINAGE OF CRETE: PART II

                                                                                A RARE PORTRAIT OF AGRIPPA I

                                                                                INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE

                                                                                SOME ADVICE ON “COVERING” A SHOW

10       6                  JUNE                  1996           SURFACES ARE AN  IMPORTANT ASPECT OF A                                                               COIN’S DESIRABILITY

                                                                                THE ANCIENT COINAGE OF CRETE: PART III

                                                                                TOURRETTE’S & THE JULIO-CLAUDIAN EMPERORS

10       7                  JULY                  1996           THE COLUMN IN THE ANCIENT WORLD

10       8                  AUGUST           1996           ACCESSION SILVER OF MAXIMINUS THRAX, 235

                                                                                PAYING FOR OVERSEAS PURCHASES

10       9                  SEPTEMBER   1996           WHICH ANCIENT COIN DEALERS CAN I TRUST?

                                                                                ACCESSING ANCIENT COIN RESOURCES  INTERNET

10       10               OCTOBER        1996           THE COINAGE OF TIBERIAS

                                                                                TITUS: DARLING OF THE HUMAN RACE? PART I

10       11               NOVEMBER    1996           HERACLIUS: THE FIRST BASILEUS

                                                                                CONSTANTINOPOLIS THE FOUNDING OF                                                                                           CONSTANTINOPLE

                                                                                TITUS: DARLING OF THE HUMAN RACE? PART II


11       3                  MARCH            1997           EARLY CAPPADOCIAN SILVER: DRACMS OR DENARII

                                                                                ANCIENT COIN CLUBS

                                                                                COINAGE OF GETA EXHIBITS VARIED PORTRAITURE

11       4                  APRIL               1997           SITES OF TRIER

11       5                  MAY                  1997           EMPERESSES HAIRDOS

11       6                  JUNE                  1997           EMPERESSES HAIRDOS PART 2

11       7                  JULY                  1997           ALEXANDER THE GREAT

11       8                  AUGUST           1997           TACITUS

11       9                  SEPTEMBER   1997           FIL AVG: ROMAN RULERS & TITLES 306-310

11       10               OCTOBER        1997           COINS OF CARACALLA & GETA

11       11               NOVEMBER    1997           NERVA

11       12               DECEMBER    1997           COLLECTING THE SEVERANS


12       1                  JANUARY        1998           PORTRAITS OF JULIA DOMNA

12       2                  FEBUARY        1998           THE CADUCEUS AND THE STAFF OF AESCULAPIUS

12       3                  MARCH            1998           CLEANING ANCIENT COINS

12       4                  APRIL               1998           LIVIA: FIRST LADY OF ROME

12       5                  MAY                  1998           AUCTIONS & BIDDER ETHICS

12       6                  JUNE                  1998           SYMBOLISM OF THE SPHERE

12       7                  JULY                  1998           ANTONIA -- MOTHER OF CLAUDIUS

12       8                  AUGUST           1998           ANCIENT COIN GRADING 

                                                                                ANONYMOUS BYZANTINE COIN DESIGNS

12       9                  SEPTEMBER   1998           AGRIPPINA THE ELDER

                                                                                DIOCLETIAN & THE IMAGES OF IMPERIAL CONCORD

12       10               OCTOBER        1998           THE CHRISTOGRAM 

                                                                                LAUREATE BUST OF ARCADIUS

12       11               NOVEMBER    1998           MORE ANONYMOUS BRONZE FOLLES

12       12               DECEMBER    1998           COINS OF THE ROMAN MINES


13       1                  JANUARY        1999           AGRIPPINA THE YOUNGER: MOTHER OF NERO

                                                                                SURVEY OF ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA SILVER COINS

                                                                                SLAVEY: TRUTH BEHIND THE LEGEND

13       2                  FEBUARY        1999           CLAUDIUS: THE MAN, TIMES & COINAGE - PART I

13       3                  MARCH            1999           FABLED KORE: THE GODDESS OF SARDIS

                                                                                CLAUDIUS: THE MAN, TIMES & COINAGE PART II  

                                                                                THE ROMAN TRIUMPHAL ARCH

13       4                  APRIL               1999           CLAUDIUS: THE MAN, TIMES & COINAGE PART III

                                                                                THE LAST ROMAN EMPEROR

13       5                  MAY                  1999           DOMITIA LONGINA - THE SURVIVOR

13       6                  JUNE                  1999           SPECIAL EXHIBITION AT DUMBARTON OAKS

13       7                  JULY                  1999           MATER CASTRORUM, THE COINAGE OF FAUSTINA JR.

                                                                                LIVIA TRIVIA REVISITED

13       8                  AUGUST           1999           SASSANIAN KING XUSRO II AD 590-628 & HIS COINS

                                                                                MATER CASTRORUM, COINAGE OF FAUSTINA JR. II

13       9                  SEPTEMBER   1999           PLOTINA - THE NEW LIVIA

                                                                                VALERIA MESSALINA

13       10               OCTOBER        1999           UNRECORDED DENARIUS OF PESCENNIUS NIGER

                                                                                NEW BOOK ON ROMAN COINS & HISTORY

                                                                                MORE ON FAUSTINA JR. COINAGE

13       11               NOVEMBER    1999           DIANA ON A COIN OF NERVA

                                                                                IMAGES OF CHRIST ON THE COINS OF JUSTINIAN II

13       12               DECEMBER    1999           THE ATHENIAN TREASURY HOARD

                                                                                ITIALIAN REQUEST FOR IMPORT RESTRICTIONS


14       1                  JANUARY        2000           SABINA - WIFE OF “THE GREEKLING”

                                                                                A BRIEF DIP INTO ROMAN BATHING

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - OTHO AD. 69

14       2                  FEBUARY        2000           NUMISMATIC MYTH: MYTH OF LYCURGUS

                                                                                COINS DATE ANCIENT SHIPWRECKS

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - ANTONINUS (CARACALLA)

                                                                                WAR OF QUIETUS

14       3                  MARCH            2000           LATE ROMAN BARBAROUS BRONZE COINAGE

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - VICTORINUS

                                                                                TAKE THIS JOB & SHOVE IT.

14       4                  APRIL               2000           THE SLAVEI INTERVIEW - PART I

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - ANTONINUS PIUS

14       5                  MAY                  2000           EMPEROR MAGNENTIUS: HIS LIFE & COINAGE I  

                                                                                THE SLAVEI INTERVIEW - PART II

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - CLAUDIUS II

14       6                  JUNE                  2000           EMPEROR MAGNENTIUS: HIS LIFE & COINAGE II

                                                                                ESTATE PLANNING FOR THE COLLECTOR

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - JULIA MAMAEA

14       7                  JULY                  2000           PULA’S ANCIENT STONES

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - NERVA

14       8                  AUGUST           2000           LAUREATE, DRAPED & CUIRASSED BUST RIGHT

                                                                                THE INFORMATION NEEDS OF ACEDEMIC                                                                                       NUMISMATISTS 

                                                                                BUYING COINS ONLINE

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - POSTUMUS

14       9                  SEPTEMBER   2000           FAUSTINA THE ELDER

14       10               OCTOBER        2000           COINAGE & HISTORY - LABIENUS

14       11               NOVEMBER    2000           THE CORNUCOPIA - A HORN OF PLENTY

                                                                                THE EBAY PHENOMENA

                                                                                COINAGE & HISTORY - CLAUDIA OCTAVIA


16       9                  SEPTEMBER   2002           THE FALLEN HORSEMAN: AN INTERNET-BASED                                                                           EXAMINATION

                                                                                ON BECOMING A COLLECTOR

                                                                                COIN INVENTORY SOFTWARE FOR COLLECTORS OF                                                                   ANCIENT COINAGE

17       6                  JUNE                  2003           VENUS VICTRIX ON ROMAN COIN REVERSES

19       2                  FEBUARY        2005           ERRORS ON BIBLICAL COINS

19       3                  MARCH            2005           THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING MINTMARK

                                                                                NERO: THE ACTOR EMPEROR - PART I

19       4                  APRIL               2005           THE MYSTERY OF THE LEFT-FACING DENARIUS

                                                                                CISTOPHORIC TETRADRACHMS - AN OVERVIEW

                                                                                NERO: THE ACTOR EMPEROR - PART II

19       5                  MAY                  2005           THE NUMISMATIC MUSEUM OF ATHENS

                                                                                NERO: THE ACTOR EMPEROR - PART III


19       7                  JULY                  2005           FACES OF EMPIRE - PART I - AUGUSTUS AND                                                                                  TIBERIUS, 31 BC TO 37 AD


20       1                  JANUARY        2006           APHRODITE: CLASSICAL GREEK GODDESS OF WAR


20       4                  APRIL               2006           THE MALTER NUMISMATIC LIBRARY SALE


20       5                  MAY                  2006           FACES OF EMPIRE - PART VI - CRISIS TO RECOVERY:                                                                 TRAJAN DECIUS TO CONSTANTINE THE GREAT, 250                                                                           TO 325 

                                                                                A DELTA TIGRESS GALLIENUS


20       6                  JUNE                  2006

20       7                  JULY                  2006           A CONSTANS II CHERSON AE RARITY “UNEARTHED”

                                                                                THE REBIRTH OF COIN SHOWS


20       8                  AUGUST           2006           IMAGES OF POWER AND GLORY ON THE COINAGE                                                                      OF TRAJAN

                                                                                FACES OF EMPIRE - PART VII - WESTERN TWILIGHT,                                                                  EASTERN GLORY, 325 - 561


20       9                  SEPTEMBER   2006           CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF A GROUP OF LATE                                                                          ROMAN BRONZES, THE SO-CALLED “MONNERON”                                                                              COINS


20       10               OCTOBER        2006           THE TRIBUTE PENNY DEBATE REVISITED







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