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It's an opportune time to listen/watch good history podcasts/youtube videos/others.


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The deep freeze (or just plain Christmas holiday for those in better climes) is a good time to listen to podcasts or interesting youtube videos.

Here's some podcasts.  Some you might know, others not.

The History of Byzantium - excellent, -in-depth podcast. https://feeds.acast.com/public/shows/b53d3462-8bc8-46b5-875c-99d8b173ed52

The rest can be found on itunes or whatever it's called nowadays (in no order).  I found these by looking there.

History of Persia - pretty interesting.  The're up to about the 390s BC, I think.

History of Rome - Mike Duncan - very interesting.  doesn't go into as much detail about the Republic/early empire.

Emperors of Rome - very interesting - from Australia.

Totalus Rankium - just started listening.  This one's presented with more humor, but they manage to provide decent details.  I've just started listening but if they managed to do an hour on Avitus. The episodes about some of the famous emperors can be quite lengthy.  Oh, and they're up to the 1300's now, which is quite a feat.

Hellenistic Age Podcast.  Fairly interesting.  I am very interested in the period and the ones I've listened to are interesting.

I've listened to almost all of the current episodes of the podcasts listed before Emperors of Rome and quite a few of the Emperors of Rome.  Emperors seems to be presented in random order.  I'd rate everything above Totalus Rankium as very engrossing.  I've listened to only 3 or 4 Rankiums, so far.  I'd rate the Hellenistic Age Podcast as moderately interesting.  The information isn't bad, it's just the way it's recorded and presented which could be spiced up a bit.  I'd still recommend it.

I started on King of Kings (the area of Persia) but they seemed to have petered out abruptly.  All of the above are just my personal opinions. However, I think almost all would appeal to most of the people here.

I was very hooked on both Byzantium and the History of Rome.  I'd rate the Emperors of Rome as almost as good, just in a different way.

The recent PBS special about the 12 days of Tudor Christmas was also quite charming.


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Hello, sorry that I am posting to this thread after so long. However, as it is now Easter, I looked back on this post to see any podcasts that I hadn't listened to. (Very good selection @Nerosmyfavorite68)

I thought that I could listen to a few during this Easter break. 


On a side-note, I really enjoy the Rest is History podcast as well @David Atherton. I even got to meet Tom Holland's co-presenter Dominic Sandbrook - he kindly signed one of his books for me!

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