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A few of my Iberian coins and my AES rude/Formatum. Hope you like them


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Some of my most favorite coins are Iberian so I thought I would share some of them with you all. 

I have also picked up an interest in the Roman proto money or better called the AES rude, AES formatum . My Roman Imperial coins have taken a back seat to these.





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Good golly my man that is one heck of a spread! Anything up coming in your sites currently?

Here's one from Spain that I don't show off enough. Is it a shield, a maze, both?



Hispania, Uncertain mint.. 27 B.C.-A.D. 14 Æ as (24 mm, 7.25 g). 'Moneta castrensis'. Mint in northewestern Spain, Probably struck before 23 B.C. [IMP] AVG DIVI F, bare head left; palm branch before, winged caduceus behind / Round shield with four linear outer panels and round central boss. ACIP 3301; RPC 3. Fine, earthen-green patina.

Ex: Silicua Subastas

The 'Moneta castrensis' coinage, lacking any sort of ethnic or magistrate, is impossible to place with certainty. Most examples are found in northwestern Spain, and stylistically show some affinity to the Spanish issues of Carisius. The obverse legend places the coinage after 27 B.C., and the fact that the coins lack any indication of the tribunican power suggest a terminus post quem of 23 B.C. It is most likely that the 'moneta castrensis' coinage was struck to finance Rome's efforts during the Cantabrian Wars, which brought an end to Spanish self-determination and finalized the province's subjugation.




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Beautiful spread!...I recognise some of those pieces 😉

Love the Caligula...😛

Thanks for sharing. 

Here's my favourite..


Spain, Kelse-Celsa. Augustus. 27 BC-14 AD. AE Unit (10.98 gm, 28mm). Velilla de Ebro (Zaragoza) mint.
Obv.: IMP. CAESAR. DIVI. F. AVGVSTVS. COS. XII, laureate head right.
Rev.: CN. DOMIT. C. POMPEI. II. VIR. C. V I. CEL, bull standing right. Abh. 811. VF.

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HISPANIA ANTIGUA. CAESARAGUSTA. Calígula. As. A/ Cabeza laureada a izq.; G CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS IMP. R/ Yunta fundacional a der., encima C C A; LICINIANO ET GERMANO/ II VIR. AE 11,79 g. 29 mm. I-391. APRH-371b. ACIP-3100a. CC-4793, mismo ejemplar. Pátina oscura. MBC+. Muy escasa.

Source: https://www.biddr.com/auctions/jesusvico/browse?a=3049&l=3450835 


This is not my coin! I bid 690 Euro at the Jesus Vico Auction - and get under the shower. Come back an see - I lost the race with another with 700 Euro. Congratulations to the winner - is randomly one of yours? I nice Caligula Iberia coin with a lovely portrait. The winner will be happy.


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Iberia. Ilipense. 2nd century BC. Æ As (31mm, 20.01g, 12h). Obv: Grain ear. Rev: Fish right; crescent above, ILIPENSE, ethnic between two lines below. Ref: ACIP 2335; SNG BM Spain 1541–8. Very Fine, nice even brown patina and good detail, especially nice for this issue. Ex Jesus Vico, Auction 17 (15 Feb 2022), Lot 45. image.jpeg.02f5f5d145c44cca423d768fd6964014.jpeg

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