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I’m a star on Ebay

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming famous ? Maybe to have a street named after you ? Or if you’re an amateur astronomer like me, to see a star bearing your name ? But the pinnacle would be the discovery of a new Roman Emperor named after you, wouldn’t it be ?
Here is my story: every week I see on Ebay Roman coins misattributed; so in my great kindness, sometimes I advise the seller of his mistake, and I SIGN MY NAME at the end of the message… and this is what happened…I’m a star now…!






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Congratulations! I remember in my youth I signaled a modern coin that was attributed incorrectly (a very bad mistake). But if I remember correctly, my message was ' it's king X not Y, you idiot!' or very similar. Sadly, the seller did not change the description in the same way. 

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20 minutes ago, Broucheion said:

Hi @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix,

So, is the coin still misattributed?🤑

- Broucheion 

But if it's only Tetricus I and not Tetricus Dominic, in XF, then it wouldn't be 'very rare' and worth $14.50.

The seller also can't distinguish George II and George III. And they're selling a coin issued by Jesus Christ himself, for $1999.99.

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Once I saw a coin with an incorrect date in a VCoins dealer inventory. I had a particular interest in this coin type and thus knew the appropriate dating range. I sent a quick, professional note to the dealer notifying him of the error. I got back a snarky reply commenting that “it must be a slow day” where I was working. So I resolved never again to bother unless I know the dealer will value the correction.

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Two weeks ago I posted here about my new webpage on Gordian III at Antioch in Pisidia.
I looked on vcoins and found a coin listed at $1900 with that attribution, but it was really from Tarsos.  I wrote the seller, "This coin is from Tarsos, not Antioch in Pisidia. It says so on the reverse. I hope this helps."  I got no response and as of now the attribution has not been corrected. 

On the other hand, many dealers write back a short "Thank you" and correct the attributions right away. I've had my corrections ignored, but have not received any hostile responses. 

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