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Palaeologus Silver Stavraton,


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A new one for my collection, John V with his new denomination, Silver stavraton. It was a replacement coin for the gold coinage and lasted until the Empires fall. This one is far from perfect but I liked the Christ portrait. It was said this abstract portrait of Christ represented an old Greek philosophy of Spiritualism, this was incorporated into Christianity as well as other faiths, Basically it meant True Beauty was from within. In turn the empires coinage became more abstract. 


Silver stavraton, cf. DOC V 1277 (also no sigla) & 1295 - 7 (similar rev.); Bendall LPC p. 154, 2; Lianta 900, Bendall PCPC 327, SBCV 2510, aVF, toned, die wear, obverse die crack (line below chin), flan cracks, legend not fully struck, 7.911g, 26.9mm, 180o, Constantinopolis (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, phase VI, 1379 - 16 Feb 1391 A.D.; obverse bust of Christ facing, bearded, nimbate, wearing tunic and kolobion, IC - XC (Greek abbreviation: Ihsoús Xristós - Jesus Christ) flanking over Christ's shoulders, eight stars alternating with eight pellets in outer circle, no sigla; reverse + IW DECPOTHC KAI AVTOKPATOP AVG / + QVXAPITH BACIIL TWN PWMEWN (or similar, blundered, partly unstruck/off flan)), facing bust of John V, bearded, nimbate, wearing domed crown with pendilia, and maniakon, no sigla; from the Robert Wachter Collection.

Although John's name is not legible in the outer circle, attribution to John V is conclusively confirmed by three factors: (1) the heavy weight, nearly 8g, means it must be John V or the "heavy series" early in the reign of Manuel II, (2) although blundered, the inner legend is very similar to those used by John V, and not similar to those used on Manuel's heavy series, (3) the crude style and imperial garb on the reverse closely resembles the referenced plate coins from last phase of John's reign, DOC V pl. 69, 1295 - 1297.


This coin joins my John VIII


Here is a half from Manuel II



Feel free to share your late gold or silver. 

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@Simon Nice stavrata and half stavraton. As a Byzantine collector, I am fascinated by these late silver coins. They are certainly a long way, from the earliest Byzantine coins of the 5th century AD. Here are my 2 examples.

Here is my Manuel II half stavraton. These are seller photos.


Manuel II : AR Half Stavraton. 1391 AD To 1425 AD. Constantinople Mint. Sear 2551. Grierson 1517. 20 mm. 3.68 grams. Obverse Jesus Christ Bust Facing Front With Halo. Reverse Bust Of Emperor Facing Front "M-A-N-O-V-H-Lambda" Greek For "Manuel" Clockwise Starting At 12 O'Clock.

And here is my John VIII stavraton. The 2nd pair of photos, shows the obverse with different lighting.



John VIII : AR Stavraton. 1425 AD To 1448 AD. Constantinople Mint. Sear 2563. 23 mm. 6.76 grams. Obverse Jesus Christ Bust Facing Front With Halo. Reverse Bust Of Emperor Facing Front "IWAN" Greek For "John" In Outer Legend Clockwise Starting At 12 O'Clock.

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John VIII Palaiologos, Byzantine Empire
AR stavraton
Obv: IC-XC, Facing bust of Christ, surrounded by eight dots
Rev: IWANHC DECPOTIC O PALEOLOGOC QV XAPITI AVTOKPATOP in two lines around nimbate facing bust of the emperor, dot to left and right
Mint: Constantinople
Date: 1425-1448
Ref: SB 2563
Size: 6.66 gr.


John VIII Palaiologos, Byzantine Empire
AR half-stavraton
Obv: IC-XC, Facing bust of Christ
Rev: IWANHC DECPOTIC Q PALEOLOGOC, nimbate facing bust of the emperor
Mint: Constantinople
Date: 1425-1448
Ref: SB 2565
Size: 3.3 gr.


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All of these stavraton are lovely. Here are two I purchased a while ago.  They are both from the Andre Constantine Dimitriadis Collection:

Byzantine, John VIII Palaeologus (1425-1448) AR stavraton, Constantinople (Sear-2563; DOC 1663)

Obv: Facing bust of Christ Pantocrator, with radiate nimbus, flanked by IC - XC and • - ? / + IΩANHC ΔECΠOTHC O ΠΑΛΕΟΛΟΓOC (outer circle);
Rev: + ΘV XAPITI AVTOKPATWP (inner circle), facing bust of John, crowned and nimbate; sigla: pellet | pellet



Byzantine Empire: Manuel II Palaeologus (1391-1425) AR half-stavraton, Constantinople (Sear-2551; DOC 1453)

Obv: Facing bust of Christ Pantocrator, with crucifom nimbus, holding book of Gospels; IC - XC over C - Φ flanking
Rev: [MA]NOVHΛ BACIΛЄVC O ΠΑΛЄ[OΛOΓOC], nimbate and crowned facing bust of Manuel; Φ-C flanking


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