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AES Formatum and AES Rude , My first post on this forum


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Hello everyone this is my very first post here on Numis Forum's.

I used to be pretty frequent on another Forum that a lot of people here were on.

Anyway I really like the Iberian type coins and some of the early Roman Proto money such as AES Rude and the AES formatum.

I just got these in the mail today and one of these I think is not a proto money but the tip of a Visigoth belt buckle that is broken. The rings I am not so sure about either but I am pretty sure that the curved piece is an AES formatum ,the big piece is an AES rude, and the other long ingot piece of bronze is an AES formatum. Let me know what you all think and show us your AES type proto money please.


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  • bcuda changed the title to AES Formatum and AES Rude , My first post on this forum

Great assortment my man and so glad you made it! Been missing a lot of our old buddies. And it doesn't get much more fun than running into an old pal with a handful of treasure!

The rings are Celtic Proto dough for sure, right?

The piece in the middle kind of reminds me of my ancient batarang:


(I always wonder about that line in the middle. It sure looks like someone was planning on splitting this in two... but why didn't they?)

ROMAN REPUBLIC Aes Formatum. Centuries VI-IV BCE CENTRAL ITALY or LAZIO. Anv .: Element in semicircular shape on one side and serrated on the other./ Ancient Batarang Condition: Very Fine 83.41 gr 56.70 mm Former Ares



The AES rude was what first got me excited about Proto-Coinage:

IMG_0883.PNG.8ee66b9b38fecc8d819eaa3a098f5e0b.PNG"In Italy, as with other nations, early trade used a system of barter. Aes rude (Latin: "rough bronze"), used perhaps as early as the early 8th century B.C., was the earliest metal proto-currency in central Italy. In the 5th century B.C., bronze replaced cattle as the primary measure of value in trade. Aes rude are rough lumpy bronze ingots with no marks or design, some are flat and oblong, others are square, while many are irregular and shapeless."

And then one that I don't think you've seen before... earlier this year I picked up an entire cake!


BRONZE AGE. Proto Money. "Aes Rude" Style Bronze Cake shaped Ingot (2000-400 BC). 261 g, 6 cm.

This type of ingots is an intermediate product of prehistoric copper processing in Europe and an early form of currency. It was available both in pure copper and in various mostly natural bronze alloys. The archaeological finds contain both whole cakes in various sizes and pieces.

Purchased from Numismatik Naumann Feb 2022

And I'd be remiss not throwing in a couple Iberian coins. Both former bcuda (and that's cause he upgraded on these two coins which are the best of my belt Iberians!)!






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57 minutes ago, bcuda said:

Right back at you Brother Ryro,


My man! Mr Wither's story is one of my favorite in modern music, as is his voice. 

As I recall, he was in his late thirties when he finally scored a hit and could quit his day job. The job was a very specialized one; he would clean out commercial airplane toilets, as one of his many "duties".

That voice:

And to fit the theme, a coin that appears to have been "used" again and again, both by man and the hands of time. My first celt Iberian coin:


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1 hour ago, Spaniard said:

Great to see you posting @bcuda.....Lovely little group!

Found this while metal detecting..Weighs exactly 50gr about 30mm diameter...lead..

Definitely cut/poured into the shape of a shell...Phoneocian scallop shell weight..shell.jpg.dbc91217c1c62334be9653883f9d2b66.jpg

I had one just like it that I had found metal detecting when I lived in Spain but I have no idea what happened to it, Ryro has a lead one like this as well. 

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