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Trebizond Asper Manuel I Comnenus 1238-1263


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I just determined a coin I have fo MANY years  and that I always found beautifull in design and condition.

The history about Trebizond is also very interesting and I find other coins from that area very attractive!

From now on I keep my eye open for other Trebizond Aspers.

EMPIRE OF TREBIZOND. Manuel I Comnenus (1238-1263). Asper. Obv: St. Eugenius standing facing, holding long cross; two pellets to inner left. Rev: Manuel standing facing, holding labarum and akakia. Sear 2601. Extremely fine. Weight: 2.8 g. Diameter: 23 mm




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Today I  read an  article on Coinweek that I copied into my file. They mention that the earliest medieval coins of Trebizond were issued in the 11th and early 12th centuries by semi-independent warlords, local dukes of the Gabras family. And that there was perhaps there was a local shortage of small change due to the region’s distance from Constantinople.

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Pretty cool!  I have no coins of Trebizond.

From the History of Byzantium podcast, probably in the Manuel podcasts, I want to say that the Sultan of Rum sent out some of the Gabras (pretty sure it was Gabras) family, who had converted to Islam, to bargain.  Perhaps they had a branch of the family in Cappadocia? Pretty sure it was Gabras, it's a distinctive name.

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On 8/27/2022 at 9:17 AM, Kosmas said:

Hello @LuckyLuudje! Do you know the first ever minted coin of trebizond ?

Actually there were a quite a few minted before this dating back the 10th century. The pseudo autonomous issues took on a independent imperial tone after 1204 with the Megas Komnenids. Interestingly, the only non Megas Komenos to rule issued a number of coins before the reign of Manuel I (Andronikos Gidon). Specifically for Manuel I Megas Komnenos, he actually issued AR trachys before he transitioned to the asper.


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Minted at Constantinople during the reign of Manuel I between 8 April 1143 - 24 September 1180. Obv. Christ, bearded, seated facing on throne without back, wearing nimbus cr., pallium and colobium; in l., book of Gospels; to l., IC; to r., XC. Rev. MAN0HA AECnOT (or similar). The Virgin, nimbate (on r.) and Manuel (on l.) both stg. facing; the Virgin wears pallium and maphorium, and with her r. hand crowns the Emperor, who wears divitision and loros, and holds labarum and gl. cr.; between thier heads. M or MP; to r., OV. BCVS #1966 CBE #16 pg. 278

image.png.bcf24a7c7e7560d9cc99d7893942e1b3.png image.png.25a8e85593e502344efb1814b37438f1.png

Minted at Constantinople during the reign of Manuel I between 8 April 1143 - 24 September 1180. Obv. Facing bust of the Virgin Orans, nimbate and wearing pallium and maphorium; to l., MP; to r., 0V. Rev. MAN0HA AEC. (or similar). Half-length figure of Manuel facing; wearing crown and jeweled chlamys, and holding labarum and gl. cr. BCVS #1970 CBE #16 pg. 278

image.png.6a79ec4831d80239e76f3b5b0e7aa056.png image.png.a4701ec82f130bce9e3aac789d75303b.png

Minted during the reign of Manuel I between 8 April 1143 – 24 September 1180. Obv. Bust of St. George facing, beardless, wearing nimbus, tunic, cuirass and sagion, and holder spear and shield; to l., O/r/E; to r., w/ri/o/s Rev. MANXHA AECTIOT. Bust facing, wearing crown and loros, and holding labarum and gl.cr. BCVS #1975

The brown coin is the sellers pictures.

image.png.662da773d40fcb3bb9f937da9da71924.pngimage.png.70924a64b35d4189ac1c34d6c60ce975.png    image.png.724bfde92f32d0715c4d2543e07383d0.pngimage.png.47b30988c208600524f1bbd9165ce3e1.png

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