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  1. Xeno

    Post it and pick it!

    Ephesos, Ionia. ca 387-289 BC. AE 11m, 1.25g. E-Φ, bee / Forepart of stag recumbent right, head left. Lindgren III 346; SNG Cop 244; Babelon Traite 1895. Next: Another bee
  2. Xeno

    Bigger is Better

    @LONGINUS A very happy new years too you! And thank you for the welcome! You guys are the best.
  3. Xeno

    Bigger is Better

    @Deinomenid Thank you so much for the detailed response. Absolutely fascinating to compare these historical phenomena to what is happening today around us, it is nothing short of eye-opening. On another note, once again I am humbled and stunned at the research abilities not only of this community but of the scholarly works referenced. It is inspirational to see such incredible research ability from so many people.
  4. Xeno

    Bigger is Better

    @LONGINUS Do you happen to know the weight of these beauties? They are lovely.
  5. Gorgeous additions! The Faustina sestertii are my favorite.
  6. Xeno

    Bigger is Better

    Gorgeous example! As you said beautiful strike and condition, I like the dark patina too.
  7. Xeno

    Bigger is Better

    Wow 93 grams!!! I absolutely love it! I wonder if someone has one over 100...
  8. Xeno

    Post it and pick it!

    Gallienus Antoninianus. Samosata mint. IMP C P LIC GALLIENVS P F AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / PIETAS AVGG, Valerian and Gallienus standing facing each other, sacrificing at altar between them. RSC 792b; Sear 10312. 20mm, 3.09g. Savoca Blue 183, Lot 428. Next: Crispina
  9. Xeno

    Bigger is Better

    I was just wondering the same thing. I was chuckling a bit imagining someone bringing 20 of these bad boys down to the liquor store to buy a 6 pack and some snacks... or the ancient equivalent, a ridiculous situation I know but amusing. I would imagine they were more valuable than that though, like you say I kind of doubt these were circulating as much as smaller coins because they would be less practical. Although maybe still more practical than the tertartemorions... at least with one of these chunkers it wouldn't be lost. If anyone has any idea what the purchasing power of one of these would have been please let me know.
  10. IMO this toning is an improvement especially on the Vespasian. Often when you buy a silver ancient coin it has been scrubbed bright white, most coins I have purchased that came this way have toned a bit and I consider it an improvement. As others have said sulfur containing gases is the key agent in this equation. I had some of my coins for years in a wooden cabinet and some acquired super vibrant rainbow toning while a few others darkened in color. Both I consider improvements to the scrubbed bright white coins. I also store all my ancient coins with desiccant packs to keep them nice and dry. I don't know how important this is for silver but I do know its important for bronze.
  11. Xeno

    Bigger is Better

    Here's a new coin I just ordered yesterday but absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive. PTOLEMAIC KINGS of EGYPT. Ptolemy II Philadelphos. 285-246 BC. Æ Drachm (41mm/69.07gr). Alexandreia mint. Post-Reform, Series 3. Struck circa 261/0-246. Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon right / Two eagles with closed wings standing left on thunderbolt. I am just enchanted by the size especially, I have another Ptolemaic kings coin that weighs 37g which was by far my largest coin! Cannot wait to feel this 69g monster in hand! Post your massive coins for me to see! I'm sure a forum member can top 69g!
  12. Link: Fel Temp Reparatio Constantius II AE follis. 351-355 AD. 24mm 6.34g D N CONSTANTIVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / FEL TEMP REPARATIO, soldier spearing fallen horseman who is bare-headed, bearded, reaching backwards, Γ in left field. Mintmark ALEA. Cohen 46, LRBC 2836; RIC VIII Alexandria 72; Sear 18175. Always loved the stylized reverse on this one.
  13. Apparently I'd have 50,000 of this Geta coin with Telesphorus on the back. Not sure there's enough collectors interested in this little dude that I could sell them! At least the condition ain't bad. Geta, Hadrianopolis, Thrace. Λ CEΠT ΓETAC K, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right / AΔΡIANOΠOΛEITΩN, Telesphorus standing facing in hooded cloak. Moushmov 2671 AE17mm, 3.68g
  14. Sorry to hear of your troubles @Nerosmyfavorite68 I haven’t had a coin get destroyed or lost in transport…. Yet. Had an order from Zurqieh earlier this year that spent about 6 weeks in customs. Toward the end I figured it was a goner, hadn’t gotten a shipping update in forever until it eventually just showed up. It is a sad thing to have a piece of history lost or destroyed in such a way, I think it gets to us more than the monetary value (certainly for me). Here is to wishing you no more problems in the shipping department friend.
  15. Thank you very much @O-Towner I figured the original attribution might have been incorrect since I wasn't finding anything.
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