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  1. The marvelous coinage made by the Seleucid Empire sparked my curiosity in this massive state, the biggest of Alexander's successor kingdoms. And once I started delving into its history, oh man, thats a lot of palace intrigue, backstabbing and civil wars! These guys put third-century Rome to shame. I partnered up with The Medicus Collection, who so kindly filmed me 4 lovely Tetradrachmae for this very nice episode. Enjoy the Eye-Candy, and of course, post any Seleucid coins you have :)
  2. I've made a short video about the Constantinopolis and Urbs Roma issues. Its a lovely little series, and my Constantinopolis piece is likely my favorite late roman bronze coin 🙂
  3. Here is a little different video for this week. This time lets reflect on a couple of aspects of coin collecting that can go "bad", despite this hobby being one of the very best out there. Hope you enjoy it! Share any stories related to the subject, and of course nay coins you might consider relevant 🙂
  4. New video up! Today I bring you the very interesting travel series, struck under emperor Hadrian to celebrate his tours around the empire. Have you got any travel series coin or any hadrian pieces? Lets see them. Hope you enjoy the episode 🙂
  5. I dont generally buy coins in lots, but this one had some pretty interesting pieces that were missing from my late roman coinage set. So I decided to film the unboxing and the initial identification of the coins in question. Have you purchased any group lots recently? Maybe you have found a coin you really like in a lot? Let us know! Hope you enjoy the video 🙂
  6. Lovely coins! I want to assembly a 5 Good Emperors set in Alexandrian Tetradrachmae, it will take a while, but I believe they will look great together. For now I only have one piece, an Antoninus Pius 🙂
  7. Here is a poem to NGC. They might slab them in plastic, or even clad it in amber. For me, a coin in a slab, Will be cracked by the hammer.
  8. This Constantius Gallus with the LXXII and the Chi-Ro from aquilea was previously in my collection. Im very happy to know it has made its way to your hands @Valentinian, I love your website and often use it on my research of late roman coinage.
  9. Time to check out the great RESTITUTOR ORBIS, Aurelian! Here I go over some of his pre-reform and reformed coinage, as well as some of the main aspects of the iconography put on his coins. Have you got a coin from Aurelian? Show us. Hope you enjoy this episode 🙂
  10. Lovely coin! Here is a recent Bronze bargain Ive found, missatributed as a Seleucid Coin. Ptolemy II, AE23, denomination B, Cyprus mint. 7.46 g. Head of Alexander right, wearing elephant skin headdress. / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠTOΛEMAIOY, eagle standing left, wings spread. EY and XAΡ monogram in left field. Svoronos 363; BMC 7; Hunter 5; Paris 431; Mionnet VI, 229. 22 Euros, buyier's premium included. Its not the prettiest coin ever, but such an interesting coin, from an unusual mint, for that price? Id say its a win.
  11. The Control mark on my Alexander Tetradrachm is... quite a thing!
  12. After some technical difficulties and my computer on technical support, we´re back with our normal video schedule. This time we're looking at some of the coins struck by the Flavian Emperors: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian! Hope you all enjoy. Post any Flavian coins you have!
  13. New episode is up! Lets go over the coinage of this very competent emperor, so loved by many numismatists such as myself. Enjoy! Post any Probus coins you like 🙂
  14. New episode is live! Hope you enjoy this little explanation of this short-lived dynasty established by emperor Valerian. Post any coins from the Valerian dynasty that you have!
  15. Who doesnt like a nice silvered Antoninianus or Follis? In this new video, I explore a bit of the most recent theories on how the roman mints achieved this silvering effect. Post your silvered coins, and remember to leave a like and a comment to help youtube push the video! 🙂 We've just hit 10.000 subscribers, thank you very much for the continuous support!
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