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Leo V Follis...


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This Leo V coin didn't take extremely well to photography. It looks much better in hand. Regardless, I really like the obverse portraits, despite some of the text missing on top. Having finally held one myself, I can fully understand some people's fascination with Byzantine coins. There isn't anything else quite like them. Their "roughness" actually has quite a bit of unique appeal, especially when experienced in person.


Leo V AD 813-820, AE Follis (23mm, 4.43 gram) Constantinopolis; LEON S CONST; facing busts of Leo (l.) and Constantine (r.);
Large M between XXX and NNN; cross above and A below; Sear 1630

The introductory passage in Sear on Leo V suggests a pretty troubled reign. It says that he attempted to re-establish iconoclasm and the resistance led to his assassination "before the high altar of St. Sophia on Christmas Day 820."

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Very nice! I am a sucker for these XXX-NNN type follis and I have been marching towards completing the set, but its proving difficult with 3  pieces that are difficult to acquire (and expensive 😟.   Here are my Leo V, including the recent one that I acquired:


Byzantine Empire: Leo V the Armenian (813-820) Æ Follis, Constantinople (Sear 1629; DOC III.6)

Obv: LЄ-OҺ bASIL; Crowned facing bust, wearing chlamys, holding globus cruciger and akakia
Rev: Large M between X/X/X and N/N/N; cross above; A below
Dim: 22 mm, 5.09 g




Byzantine Empire: Leo V the Armenian (813-820) Æ Follis, Constantinople (Sear 1630; DOC III.7)

Obv: LЄOҺ S C-OҺSC; Crowned facing busts of Leo and Constantine, each wearing chlamys
Rev: Large M; cross above, X/X/X to left, N/N/N to right, A below


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Not my area but I love exceptional Byzantine coins, I bought this a few years back. rephotographed moments ago. 


Byzantine Empire, Leo V and Constantine, 25 December 813 - 25 December 820 A.D.

 Bronze follis, Anastasi 497, DOC III-1 19, Morrisson BnF 30/Sy/AE/01, Wroth BMC 22, Tolstoi 22, Ratto 1803, SBCV 1635, Sommer 29.7, gVF, well centered on an oval flan, light marks and porosity, 3.886g, 22.4mm, 180o, Syracuse mint, 817 - 25 Dec 820 A.D.; obverse facing busts of Leo, on left, with short beard and Constantine, each wears crown and chlamys, cross between above; reverse LK (initials of Leon and Konstantine), cross above

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Nice!! ... ewomack, congrats on snagging that sweet Leo V OP-addition (a total winner)

Ummm, I had a Leo III, a Leo IV and even a Leo VI ... but sadly, I did not have a Leo V (I'm a bit jealous)

You rock!! (congrats on the new addition)


Constantine V with Leo IV. Æ Follis (below)

Mint: Struck in Syracuse

Reign: AD 741-775

Diameter: 20 mm

Obverse: Constantine V, bearded, on left, and Leo IV, beardless, on right, each standing facing, wearing crown and chlamys and holding akakia; between their heads, cross
Reverse: Leo III, bearded, standing facing, wearing crown and chlamys and holding cross potent
Reference: Sear 1569
Other: Virtually full reverse legend



Leo VI the Wise. Æ Follis (below)

Constantinople mint

Struck 908-912 AD

886-912 AD

Diameter:  25 mm

Weight: 6.40 grams

Obverse: Crowned bust facing, holding akakia

Reverse: +LЄOҺ/ ЄҺ ӨЄO ЬA/SILЄVS R/OmЄOҺ in four lines

Reference: DOC 8; SB 1729

Other: 6h ... rough red-brown surfaces



Leo VI the Wise.jpg

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