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Post your toned coins


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Wow guys! There are some fantastic looking examples here. Take "toning" with a pinch of salt. Beautiful colors are good as well. Here is a Japanese 1000 Yen which has toned along the lines of improper annealing.




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Ok - I don't have many toned coins but here's a Trajan close up with the beginning of some lovely red! As it's Trajan (very military emperor), I almost think of this as 'blood' like 😂 I'll check my collection, and see if I can come up with other fun toned pieces to contribute.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 18.31.21.png

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Severus Alexander denarius

Obv:– IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG, Laureate head right
Rev:– MARS VLTOR, Mars advancing right, holding a spear and shield
Minted in Rome, A.D. 232
References:– RIC 246, RSC 161a

This was my first ancient coin and is still one of my favourites.

3.64gms. 19.91mm. 180 degrees



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8 minutes ago, Spaniard said:

Super colours!...Nice idea for a thread...This actually got me to look more closely at some of my Denarius....



I like pastel toning. You are correct, I have found that whenever a thread is started with a theme, it makes one look at coins differently and you re-discover coins that have not been looked at for a while.

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