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Fanam India


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If I am correct, these 5 coins would be gold Fanams from India,

They are VERY litlle.

My scale is not accurate enough, but it switches between 0,3 and 0,4 gram each. Size between 5,6mm and 7,49mm

Can anyone tell me what period those are made and maybe area?

All opinins are appreciated.



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I'm not that good on these as there are so many types...But just flicking through vcoins...

Bottom row middle looks to be...

India. Tanjore. Anonymous AV Getti Fanam
Attribution: Mitchener SI.781
Date: 1674-1799
Obverse: Dagger
Reverse: Heart-shaped pattern of dots

Bottom right looks to be...

INDIA, Princely States. Cochin.
British Protectorate, 1792-1858.
AV Fanam, 8mm, 0.37g, 1h. Vira raya type.
Undated, but struck 1795-1850.
Obv.: Schematized figure of deity.
Rev.: Schematized figure of boar.
Ref.: Mitchiner, Non-Islamic 1128; KM 10.

maybe a good source would be coinindia...

I actually have one which I've never attributed....Probably Travancore..


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Hate to say it, but I don't think any of those are genuine. They look too debased, I've never seen ones with scratches on the dies, nor the jagged look of the top two. 

I have a handful in my collection; I'll try to see if I can get images

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4 hours ago, Finn235 said:

Hate to say it, but I don't think any of those are genuine.

Yes I think you're right Steve...I was gonna write "are these gold?"..

Don't know if you remember but my little Fanam was a gift from you a couple of years back "thanks", when they all started turning up on ebay for a few bucks, "those were the days!".😉

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Thanks for your opinions,

I bought these coins about 30 years ago for the price of gold wich was 25 Guilders (around 10USD).

I never looked close at them until now so I believe you guys as you say that these are not genuine.

But I am pretty convinced that the are real gold. My camera is not very good and messes it up. And the color is of because 4 of them coins are tarnished the same way.

I made  pictures with and without flash compared to 2 Coins I am sure they are 24 KT gold and an Indian Pagoda de Madras wich I have no reason to doubt.

The Pagoda looks to be debased to me, probably with cupper but I think still high kt.


Because The coins are probably fake, I desided to clean the obverse a little of the fanam with sword a . Only 10 seconds with a litlle soap and water takes of most of the stains.

And the colour becomes about the same as the Pagoda.

I could do a gold test, but with such a small coin I loose half the coin.



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There are two types of fakes: a) fakes to deceive collectors, and b) reproductions from India used in some kind of Hindu ritual.

To see if your examples are fakes or original you should have a look in Herrli "Gold Fanams 1336-2000"

also Zeno could be helpful (zeno.ru)


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