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Vitellius and Vesta


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Nice coin and as always a perfect presentation.

Here ist the Vitellius coin I like most. Vitellius and his children.


Denarius, Rome, AD 69
Obv.: A VITELLIVS GERM IMP AVGVST TR P, laureate head right
Rev.: LIBERI IMP GERM AVG, confronted draped busts of Vitellius' son (on left) and daughter (thought to have been named Vitellius Germanicus and Vitellia)
Ag, 3.090g, 18.1mm, 180o
Ref.: RIC² 103, RSC II 2, BMCRE I 29, BnF III 62


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Gorgeous coin, @LONGINUS! And one of the pricier emperors to acquire. I, sadly, have no Vitellius coins at all. You know how it is.


Astonishingly, only two coins issued for Faustina the Younger depict Vesta!

Faustina Jr VESTA seated denarius.jpg

Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman AR denarius, 3.21 g, 17.4 mm, 7 h.
Rome, AD 164-?
Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, bare-headed and draped bust, right; Beckmann type 9 hairstyle.
Rev: VESTA, Vesta seated left, holding palladium and scepter.
Refs: RIC 737; BMCRE 175-76; Cohen 286; RCV 5270; MIR 44-4/10b; CRE 242.
Notes: One blundered die reads AVGSTA (sic); Roma Numismatics Limited (E-Sale 45), 5.5.2018, lot 605 = Saint Paul Antiques (Auction 10), 2.9.2017, lot 351. Also known with a single band of pearls around the head (Museu de Prehistòria, València 39805).

Faustina Jr VESTA S C standing MB.jpg

Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman Æ as or dupondius, 11.38 g, 26 mm, 6 h.
Rome, c. AD 170-175.
Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, bare-headed and draped bust, right; Beckmann type 10 hairstyle.
Rev: VESTA, Vesta standing left, holding simpulum and palladium.
Refs: RIC 1690; BMCRE 1004; Cohen 285; RCV 5307; MIR 45-7/10c.
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Congratulations on your new acquisition, @LONGINUS (I fell in love instantly with @shanxi's coin though)

Here is my very humble Vitellius denarius - Vesta type.


The reverse is worn and smudged, however this didn't cut too much from my pleasure of getting one of the difficult 12 Caesars.

I have 2other Vesta coins .


Julia Mamaea. Augusta AD 225-235. Rome
Denarius AR 20 mm., 2,26 g.
RIC IV Severus Alexander 360     
Date Range: AD 225 - AD 235
IVLIA MAMAEA AVG; Bust of Julia Mamaea, diademed, right
VESTA; Vesta, veiled, draped, standing left, holding palladium in right hand and up-right sceptre in left hand


Antoninus Pius AD 138-161. Rome
Denarius AR
17 mm, 3,21 g
RIC III Antoninus Pius 203   
Head of Antoninus Pius, laureate, right
Vesta, veiled, draped, standing left, holding simpulum lowered in right hand and palladium at shoulder in left


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Very nice. I don't have a Vitellius at the moment (still need a new one of him, and a proper Galba [not just RPC temp. Galba] to have all 12 Caes), but I do have his successor's Vesta, struck a couple years after Vitellius' departure: 


Roman Imperial Coinage. Vespasian (Emperor, 69-79 CE) AR Denarius (17mm, 3.50 g, 6h). Rome mint, struck July-December 71.
Obv: IMP CAES VESP AVG P M. Laureate head right.
Rev: TRI POT. Vesta seated left, draped, holding simpulum.
Ref: RIC II.1 46; RSC / Cohen 561.

Prov: Archer M. Huntington (1870-1955) Collection; loaned, then bequeathed to Hispanic Society of America (HSA 1001.1.22362); housed at the American Numismatic Society (same accession number), late 1940s - c. 2012; 8 March 2012, sold at Sotheby's sealed-bid sale of all 37,895 Huntington coins; acq. by consortium, incl. Jose Vico; returned to ANS among 26,500 other Huntington coins, May 2012 - summer 2013; consigned by ANS to CNG e-Auction 397, 17 May 2017; Lampasas Collection; consigned to CNG e-Auction 487, 10 March 2021; Charles Chamberlain Collection; consigned to CNG e-Auction 509, 9 February 2022; Jackson-Jacobs Collection, present.


I posted my sold Vitellius as a "dearly departed Libertas" in the Lt. Uhura thread a couple days ago:


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Silver Coin (AR Denarius) minted for JULIA MAMAEA, mother of SEVERUS ALEXANDER, between 222 - 235 A.D. Obv. IVLIA.MAMAEA.AVG.: bust dr. r. wearing diadem. Rev. VESTA.: Vesta veiled, standing half-left, holding palladium and upright sceptre. RCS #2315. RSCIII #81. RICIV #360. DVM #11/1.


DGM-156 OBV.jpg

DGM-156 REV.jpg

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