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All right! I see a little captive under the crust, which is my favorite thing about Licinius coinage.

Here's my googly-eyed Licinius II. (Struck c. 317-321, Licinius Jr. must've been, what, like 2-5 years old? I enjoy his toddler-like portrait, if not reminiscing about his execution by his uncle, the great Constantine, alongside dear cousin Crispus and poor aunt Fausta.) Also an AE3 with Jupiter & a captive. Also left-facing. But no Helmet and spear w/ bust or eagle on reverse on this one. This is from Giovanni Dattari's (1858-1923) Collection of Late Roman Bronze Coins. Photo Credit: Still using Victor Clark's sale photo. I consider myself lucky to have gotten this one.


Roman Imperial. Licinius II AE3 Follis (20mm, 3.6g, 6h). Antioch, c. 317- 321 CE.
Obv: DN VAL LICIN LICINIVS NOB C. Laureate, draped bust left, hold sceptre & mappa.
Rev: IOVI CONSERVATORI CAESS / H (to r.) / SMANT (in ex.). Jupiter standing, chlamys across shoulder, holding sceptre & Victory on globe. To left: Bearded, shirtless Eastern (Sarmatian?) captive, hands bound in rear, wearing pointed cap & baggy trousers w/ ornate seam or column of tassels (?).
Ref: RIC VII Antioch 29
Prov: Ex Victor Clark; previously CNG group lot; ex-Giovanni Dattari (1858-1923) Collection of Late Roman Bronze Coins. Presumably ex-Vico (did all Dattari's RIC on the market start there)?

Aside from accumulating Dattari coins, I am always interested in the minutiae of captives and "barbarians." This one is clearly "Eastern," maybe Sarmatian based on Licinius I's role attacking them, c. 310-. Nothing is out of the ordinary for an Eastern captive (pointy hat, no shirt, baggy pants) but I like the details. The beard and the pants are very textured. The left pantleg has an element visible on many Fallen Horsemen -- some kind of ornate column of tassels or a seam along the front? It's a bit easier to see on a bigger FEL TEMP AE2s, but I still don't have any idea what it's supposed to be. As a regular part of the design, though, it must be illustrating a typical feature of "barbarian" clothing....

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