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Evaluating the TOMLOV DM 101 Camera/Microscope for use with coins


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In my hunt for a good photography setup (for my coins) I purchased the Tomlov DM 101 .

I have evaluated it and I conclude that it is not suitable for photographing coins, by collectors, (IMHO), and therefore should be avoided to miss the disappointment of having purchased something that does NOT return the desired results.

Does it work - Yes ( . . . to a degree).

Will you be happy with the end result - No! (Coin collectors can be very 'fussy').

Therefore, is it worth the money - No!

Being unhappy with the results, you will purchase a better photography system and this unit will be consigned to the back of a drawer, never to see the light of day, again.

Magical Snap - 2022.07.31 07.45 - 045.jpg


This second photo has had some 'extra' light introduced from the LHS.


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