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THRACE Mesambria Ae Circa 400-350 BC Corinthian helmet META Four spoked wheel


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THRACE. Mesambria. Ae (4th-3rd centuries BC).
Obv: Facing Corinthian helmet.
Rev: META.
Four-spoked wheel. Diameter: about 15 mm.

This is perhaps my favorite purchase of a recent group of four small ancient Greek coins I bought. Can you imagine wearing one of these in battle?


It would be so cool to have any kind of real ancient helmet in our collections.

Do you have an ancient helmet or a coin like this? I'll have to be glad to settle with one on a coin for now.


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Coingrats! That Corinthian helmet screams WAR!!

I know it's always described as a four Spoked wheel, but I am not sure it's not a shield. 

Here's my old dog that needs some new pics:


And some other fun helmets:


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It seems that in the ancient world that if you were not engaging in war or ready for attack, you couldn't survive.!  Same is true today, where p[articularly communist countries or "ex" communist countries are always threatening nuclear strikes seemingly oblivious that immediate destruction will result! .So much of ancient coinage was to pay mercenaries or their supplies! Numismatic researches show the peaks and troughs of coinage and war! F.deCallatay has written on it!

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Nice little coins.


Here is my diobol from Mesembria.


Diobol 450/350 BC
Obv.: Crested Corinthian helmet facing
Rev.: M-E-T-A in the four quarters of a wheel surrounded by border of radiating lines
Ag, 1.15g, 11.07mm
Ref.: SNG.Cop:652f, SNG Black Sea 268, Sear 1673

a lot of these helmets :


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Congrats on the addition. A design I always liked and was happy to add one myself


Thrace. Mesembria circa 420-320 BC.
Bronze Æ
13 mm, 2,16 g
Crested Corinthian helmet facing / META between four spokes of wheel. SNG BM 272-274; SNG Stancomb 225; Serdica CCCH IX, 14-18; Karayotov II, 47-54; SNG Cop. 653.



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