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Persian tile artifact repaired

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Some members might recall that I posted a thread on CT for a 18th century Persian tile that was damaged in shipment through a combination of inadequate packaging and typical USPS handling.

I took the tile to my local art restorer.  There is another restorer in my area, but further away, so to conserve gas I chose the closest one, who I've done business with in the past.

That was back in April.  He does take his time, which is fine with me, so last week I picked up the repaired tile.  The restoration required the use of acrylic paint and varnish, pretty much the same materials that would be used to restore a painting..  I did the rejoining of the broken corner to the tile using Gorilla Glue epoxy.  It's strong and dries pretty fast for an epoxy adhesive.

Here's the tile before the damage (photo from seller):



Here's the damaged tile, as received:



Here's the tile with the corner reattached.  I was also able to reattach pieces of the original glaze, but apparently they were mostly removed during the restoration.



Finally, here is the repaired tile. The group of flowers to the left were extensively reworked.   I wonder how long the varnish will hold up, but the tile is indoors and away from any direct sunlight.






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