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Aspendos Stater upgrade: Alcibiades what have you done to my Herm's phallus??


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I just upgraded my Aspendos stater to one in better condition, nice triskeles aaaand with a Herm control mark in front of the slinger!


Pamphylia. Aspendos

circa 420-370 BC.

Stater AR, 24 mm, 10,8 g

Two wrestlers grappling / EΣTFEΔ[IIVΣ], slinger in throwing stance right, triskeles to left; herm in right field, all within pelleted square border. Good very fine, SNG Copenhagen -; SNG France 3; SNG von Aulock 4511. Die match with Savoca Silver 133 lot 101. Purchased from Biga Numismatics July 2022


(A Roman theatre in Pamphylia, Aspendos)

As most probably remember a Herma, or Herm,  is a sculptor of a head usually on a long blank pillar as the body, but with a penis in the area it would be on a regular body. These were a religious symbol and supposedly helped keep the city safe. Though, named after Hermes due to him being a popular head on these, not all Herms were of Hermes! See below for a couple examples:



My question is, why don't Herms on ancients have their phalluses? Could it be an allusion to the time Alcibiades and friends supposedly went around Athens knocking off all the Herms phalluses (making Alcibiades the world's first cock-knocker) and in the eve of the journey to Syracuse!?

And for fun, my only other Herm is a countermark on a MSC!


Philip V.

221-179 BC. Æ (12mm, 2.10 g, 7h). Pella or Amphipolis mint. Struck circa 211-201 BC. Macedonian shield, boss decorated with head of the hero Perseus right, wearing Phyrgian cap, Countermark of Herm to right/ Macedonian helmet facing. Mamroth, Bronzemünzen 9; Touratsoglou, Macedonia 7; HGC 3, 1087. Rare and maybe singular example with C/M type.  Purchased March 2022 from Savoca Auctions



So please share your:


Aspendos Staters 


Or anything you like🙂


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Super cool stater @Ryro.  First Pez dispenser I've ever seen on an ancient!!😅 


I'm afraid mine lost their junk along time ago, if they ever had it.


Lesbos, Mytilene. AE19. Zeus Ammon / herm of Dionysos.

Obv: Bearded and horned head of Zeus Ammon r.
Rev: M-Y/T-I, herm of bearded Dionysos in himation standing facing on prow of ship; grape bunch to left, apluster to r.
ca 2nd-1st century BC. AE19, 5.8g.
SNG von Aulock -; SNG Cop. 393.



Thrace, Sestos. Ithyphallic herm/Amphora

Circa 300 BC. Æ12. Ithyphallic herm facing; ear of grain left, caduceus right / ΣA, Amphora. BMC Thrace pg. 198, 6; SNG Copenhagen 932.




Caria, Herakleia Salbace. Hadrian Æ19. Herm

Obv: СΕΒΑСΤΟС / Laureate head of Hadrian, r.
Rev: ΗΡΑΚΛΕΩΤΩΝ / Herm facing.
3.762g, 19.2mm.




Lesbos, Mytilene. AE20, ca AD 250-268

Mytilene, Lesbos. AE20, ca AD 250-268, time of Valerian to Gallienus. 2.4gm. Head of Zeus Ammon right with horn of Ammon / MUTILH-NAIWN, bearded herm of Dionysos facing, on prow, bunch of grapes at lower left. BMC 184



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Nice coin @Ryro! I have no herms in my collection but I do have an Aspendos stater I really like.


AR Stater, Aspendos mint, struck ca. 380-325 BC
Dia.: 22.1 mm
Wt.: 10.62 g
Obv.: Two wrestlers; the left one holds the left arm of his opponent with both hands, the opponent grasping with right hand his right wrist; no control in between legs.
Rev.: Slinger, wearing short chiton, discharging sling to right; Π in between legs; on right, triskeles to right, EΣTFEΔIIVΣ behind, all within dotted square; c/m: wolf running left in rectangular incuse.
Ref.: BMC 52; SNG Copenhagen 214; Tekin Series 4
Ex Harlan J. Berk (private sale Sept. 21, 2015 with tag); Ex zumbly Collection; Ex Minotaur Coins

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Nice stater, @Ryro. I like the design, but I'm still on a lookout for a good example. Instead, I picked up this one with a Hercules in the reverse design at Naville. I think it may be a rare variety, since I don't see a lot of comparable examples, especially with a shield and spear. 


Pisidia, Selge Stater circa 350-325 BC.

26.00 mm., 10.34 g.
Obv: Two wrestlers grappling, below, BA.

Rev: Hercules standing r., holding club over head and lion's skin; in r. field, spear head and below, shield.

SNG France1935.

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Aspendos Stater or double siglos 400-370 BC Obv Two naked wrestlers grappling Rv Slinger standing right in throwing stance. In right field triskeles GCV II 5390 SNG France 53 10.91 grms 24 mm Photo by W. Hansenaspendos3.jpg.82afbdad90342c149459705331b3dc33.jpg

One cannot help but wonder if this coin was apart of an event known from history. There is absolutely NO evidence linking my coin to this story  but it is fun. As a result of the Persian Wars Aspendos became a tributary member of the Delian League. The city was lost to Persia in 411 BC In 389 BC (within the dates suggested for the minting of this coin) Thrasybulus of Athens tried to regain the city for Athens. Apparently the citizens of Aspendos raised a sum of money to essentially make him go away. He took the money but had his men trample all the crops in the fields surrounding the city. Enraged the Aspendians sallied out raided the Athenian camp and killed Thrasybulus. (He should have just taken the money)

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