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Two new silvers to my collection!

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Two new silvers have entered my collection!

First, at our local monthly coin show from last week, I purchased an above average basilikon of Andronikos II and Michael IX. This is a very common coin – I have 5 or 6 of them, but the preservation of this one exceeds all my others. The obverse bears an enthroned figure of Christ, while on the reverse, Andronicus and his son Michael hold a labarum. Although there exist a number of sigla on the various issues, it is the reverse legend that forms the 2 main divisions of this type . The much more common one is anonymous, as this one. Instead of naming the rulers, the legend simply reads: AVTOKPATOPEC POMAIΩN: emperors of the Romans. The rarer variety specifically names the rulers: ΑΝΔΡΟΝΙΚΟ ΜΙΧΑΗΛ ΔЄC: Andronikos and Michael, despot. The DO catalog lists 4 of the named coins and 28 of the anonymous types.

Andronicus II Palaeologus and Michael IX , 1294-1320

Constantinople, 1304-1320 or later

AR Basilikon, Class VIII, 2.10 gr. 23.2 mm. 5 hr.

Obv: KYPIE BOHΘEI (Lord, help). Christ enthroned facing, nimbate, raising right hand, holding book of Gospels in left; IC - XC across upper fields. Star on each side of throne.

Rev: AVTOKPATO - PEC POMAIΩN [N is retrograde]. Andronicus (bearded) and Michael (beardless? Or perhaps bearing the start of whiskers) standing facing, each raising hand to chest and holding labarum on base, with O beneath the plaque.

References: Sear 2402; DO 535-538 (stars as DO 536); LPC 88, 35; PCPC 167.3; Ashmolean 773



The second coin, a miliaresion of Theophilos and his son Michael III arrived a few days later. Typically aniconic as is the denomination in this period, in my view its beauty consists of the elegance of the letter forms of the 5 line obverse inscription and on the reverse, that framing the cross on steps.

Theophilos , 829-842, with Michael III

Constantinople,  840-842

AR Miliaresion, Class V, 2.21 gr. 24.7 mm. 12 hr.

Obv: +ΘЄO / FILOS S MI / XAHL ЄC ΘЄ’ / bASILIS RO / MAIOh (Theophilos and Michael, in God, emperors of the Romans), in five lines within triple border.

Rev: IhSЧS XRIS - TЧS hICA (Jesus Christ conquers). Cross potent on three steps within triple border.

References: Sear 1664; DO 12; BNP 7-9; BM 14; T. 39; R. 1839


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On 5/14/2024 at 11:14 PM, Alegandron said:

Nice Andy @voulgaroktonou!


Mine's kinda flat...


ER Andronicus II - Michael IX AD 1295-1320 AR Basilikon 22mm 2.1g Cnstntnple Jesus Christ enthroned labarum DOC V 1 Class VIII

Yours is a nice example; they are typically flat, as are some of mine. But the inscription on your reverse is mostly quite clear and crisp. Nice coin!

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I don't have any, but I have to like how these later basilikons imitate Venetian grossos ...which of course were more broadly imitating Byzantine motifs in the first place.


(Doge Pietro Ziani, 1205-1229.  Only one there's an easily findable pic of.) 

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