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What might just be an Ancient Strigil with image of athlete using strigil!?

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I had been following this thinking it would get caught up in a bidding war, as strigils usually go for mucho denero. But surprisingly won(!), what I believe to be an implement used by the ancients to scrape/cleanse their bodies. And when an athlete would use a strigil after an athletic competition the sweat/dirt/oil/grime that the athletes would scrape would be sold for high prices. It was believed that the sweat and dirt would give men virality and help the women to get pregnant among other things. 

A few ancient images of strigils and their use:

Gloios: Grime, Sweat and Olive Oil |Amy Pistone on X: "Looks very strigilly (strigilific? Strigil af?) to me,  and I'm very into this vase!" / X

(Ah, yes. The important strigiling of ones butt) 

I could be way off in left field and it's merely a spoon or some sort of tool. Though this piece appears to have an image on the bottom of an athlete using the strigil to clean himself. He appears to be standing left and scraping his shoulder off: 


Simply listed as: Ancient Lead Applique 42,2 g. 63,5 mm.

Other strigils that aren't mine:

170px-Roman_-_Strigil_-_Walters_541926.jpgstrigil | British MuseumStrigil set (copy), Roman design from 199 BCE-500 CE | Science Museum Group  CollectionStrigil, Roman, Torre Annunziata | The British Museum Images

Embarrassingly a few years ago I picked up this fake off of ebay (I was refunded once I asked to return the item due to a few signs of fakery).



Does anyone have any strigils to share, strigils on coins or artifacts, thoughts, or anything that cleanses your dirty body/mind?

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At last my avatar has a  use! How  I have waited for this moment 😀

The reverse of this  coin (wish I could write and mean my coin) features  just that. There are  only a handful known/

From an auction  blurb - 4-litrae, about 406, AV 3.47 g

ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙOΝ around the rim of a circular shield, at the center of the raised boss of which is a facing gorgoneion. Rev. Ephebe moving left, nude, leaning slightly forward with his left foot turned outward towards the viewer and his right balanced on his toes, his left hand held behind him as a counterweight while using a strigil, held in his right, apparently to clean off a mixture of oil and dust from his left knee. C. Boehringer, "Ehrenrettung einer syrakusanischen Goldmünze", FlorNum p. 74, 1 (V1/R1). C. Boehringer, "Zu Finanzpolitik und Münzprägung des Dionysios von Syrakus", Essays Thompson pl. 38, 11 (same obverse die). De Luynes 1402 (same obverse die). Extremely rare, one of only eight specimens known, of which only three are in private hands. With an extraordinarily lifelike depiction of an athlete cleaning himself after exercising.


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