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Buying genuine Egyptian antiquities on eBay

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Hi everybody,

This post is for members who do not believe that you can buy genuine Egyptian antiquities on eBay. 


To buy antiquities on eBay requires some experience. 98 % of the so called ‘Egyptian antiquities' are fakes. Indeed I bought 4 fakes on eBay: 3 on eBay UK and one on eBay Germany. I made claims and was always fully refunded. 

I am enclosing a document, which I routinely uses to send to professional sellers to let them know my precise interests in amulets. I did enlight in yellow the many I bought on eBay, plenty for ridiculous prices.
All the best,



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Congratulations, @Didier Attaix!  I have to guess that the main criterion in authenticating this stuff is likely style (apart from more random details like authentication by the British Museum).  You've got the eye for this stuff that I don't!

...Someday, I'd really like to find a scarab, ideally New Kingdom or Third Intermediate period.  But I'm still frankly terrified of ebay, and have never settled on one elsewhere.  This has to be the one area in which my engagement with the context is in the most flagrant contrast to my vacuuous ignorance of the objects themselves.

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Hi Jean d'Acre,

The main criterions in authenticating genuine Egyptian amulets are based on my personal experience. I had the chance to repeatedly visit the best Egyptian museums worldwide, and I have an elephant visual memory. I went to London every year for at least 25 years, when I was active. I did realize in this period that the British Museum was providing free advices. Thus, I met successively two curators John Taylor and Marcel Marée. Both were highly helpful, because they precisely identified artefacts I was totally unable to describe.

Coming back to your interest in scarabs or scaraboids. I have only a few ones, not bad (see attachments). If you find a nice one to buy, contact Bron who is by far the expert in this group.



Carnelian_scarab.doc Steatite_scarab.doc Negroid_scaraboid.doc

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Wow, @Didier Attaix, you have clearly made full use of your good fortune!  Congratulations on both.  Not to mention the brilliant examples.

...I'd be interested in messaging Bron, here, but I can only guess what his name for the forum is.  Would you be okay with messaging me regarding that ...and with me linking to this thread in a prospective, eventual message to him?  Right, I could always start out by asking him whether, by any chance, he could suggest any current dealers off the top of his head (preferably lower-end).

Thanks again for your kind attention to my aspiration.

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