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I asked Photoshop to imagine the rest of the portraits on three of my coins...


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Just messing around with Photoshop tonight and I thought... what if I asked its AI to make fuller scenes based on the portraits?

I started with this Licinius II 

and a few seconds later it came up with


Ah, cool he's, uhh... running into battle. Let's clean this up and zoom out a bit


Whooaaa!! Licinius' kid has horse DNA. He turned into a minotaur with a serious case of folliculitis. Better get that looked at.


Let's switch tracks. How about my Julia Maesa denarius? What does she inspire?


LOL! While I empathize with the scene of Maesa in a conga line I think it's a bit unseemly for an empress, no?

Let's try again



Ah, heh, yeah, I can see how she has that Victorian look. Give me more!


This is pretty cool actually. To me it recalls maybe a Whistler painting leaning into surrealism.

Finally, let's take a look at my solidus of Magnentius. What do you see here, Photoshop?


Haha! Well, to be honest he does have a somewhat saintly look about him. Ok Photoshop, run with this. Dial it up a notch!


Whoaaaaaaaaa!! Photoshop went too far. That's turning the dial to 11! I don't think I can look at my Maggie the same way again LOL

Turn him into a sofa Photoshop. Yes, a sofa.

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And this is Magnentius as a sofa (wouldn't fit into previous message).

Anyway, where'd she come from? This is just weird. I do think it's a killer sofa for what it's worth 😅image.jpeg.7aec6ba467b7e481e550f5176e81f7fe.jpeg


Well, that's enough silliness for today :- )


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Oh I like this - it made a fascinating frame for this electrum Lydia lion, rather than extending it:




And another one, where it took the task more literally:



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7 minutes ago, Anaximander said:

Those are some wondrous AI imaginings.  I was reading a Numismatic Bibliomania Society (NBS) E-Sylum post https://www.coinbooks.org/v27/club_nbs_esylum_v27n14.html#article29 of a robbery at a California cash vault to which a Copilot AI-generated image was attached. Is there a man alive that can actually pick up one of the gold bars?


If those are normal-sized dollar bills, yes. But in that case the burglars must be about 3 feet tall. 😆

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Excellent post! AI is great fun and since you have to describe in minute detail the type of image you want, it's a wonderful exercise in the power of using descriptive words to create an illustration. I haven't tried the Photoshop version yet.



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