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I have this Roman silver coin, I believe a tetradrachm with Philip II. It is about 28 mm tall and 25 mm across and slightly under 2 mm thick and around 11 grams . From what I have seen it is similar to Philip II tetradrachm Antioch syria coin from 247-249 ish AD. 

Everything appears the same as some of the similar coins, except his face is turned to the left instead of the right. Or similar coins will have a different bust or the eagle facing a different way. I can't find one exactly like this so I was questioning if it is authentic (bought it years ago for like $100 and am now thinking I got duped). 

I'm pretty new at all this and don't have much experience. Thanks!




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5 hours ago, VanillaBean said:

I have this Roman silver coin, I believe a tetradrachm with Philip II.

It is the father - Philippus I - you can easily recognize and distinguish it by the wrinkle on the forehead.

Mint place was Antiochia ad Orontem in Syria

Obverse legend means:
Autokrator Kaisaros Marcos Ioulios Philippos Sebastos 
Imperator Caesar Marcus Iulius Philippus Augustus

Reverse legend means:
Demarchos exousia, Hypatos to Delta, Antiochia, Senatus Consulto
Invested with the Tribunician Power, Consul of the 4th time, City of Antiochia, by decree of the Senate

As has already been written, it should be Prieur 425. However, I can't make out the exact number of consulars (ΥΠΑ ΤΟ Δ) on my small screen. Is it really a Δ / delta in the end? I can hardly tell - otherwise it would be a different reference.




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