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All in the family


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I'm not very creative when it comes to starting threads - and forgive me if this is eye-rollingly passé - but how about samples of coins in your collection showing the similarity or dissimilarity of family members through portraiture? Like parents and their kids or maybe siblings (but obviously not married couples (unless incest?! lol). Also, would need to be pre-Diocletian reform by necessity since that was the end of realistic renditions.

My collection is still pretty threadbare but here's my entry: young Philly jr. and his mom Otacilia. Maybe the engravers didn't do a great job or maybe it's just my lack of imagination but am struggling to see the resemblance. Was he adopted? 😅




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Here are my (ex-) Sestertii of Maximinus Thrax, his wife Paulina, and their son Maximus. Note how the deified Paulina´s portrait was modelled after that of her husband, as the celators at Rome seemingly had no statues available of the deceased wife of a soldier far away in Germania.


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Though not the most detailed examples, here you can see that the  hawk nosed, squinty faced apple, Julia Titi, didn't fall far from the Titus tree:


1873310_1619626410.l-removebg-preview.png.3566e4d933d2f0499f77a03cb3c0d489 (1).png

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How about Julia Domna and her sister Julia Maesa? A family resemblance?

Julia Domna:





Julia Maesa:



And how about Julia Maesa and her daughters, Julia Soaemias and Julia Mamaea? Perhaps with the first, but not the second, judging from the coins I have.

Julia Soaemias:


Julia Mamaea:


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