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Archaeologists find Pompeii fresco depicting Greek mythological siblings


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Huge thanks, @robinjojo.  I'm going to need to put The Guardian on the top tabs of the desktop.  (To replace CNN, where a headline just used "slayed" as a verb.  Kind of done with them.)  This is just one more demonstration of how much remains to be excavated, even in moronically obvious (instant edit:) and correspondingly underexcavated sites like Pompeii and Herculaneum.

...Never mind the bottom of the Black Sea, which is Full of improbably intact ancient ships.  So far, mostly identified by unmanned probes; never excavated.  But thanks to the silt that has covered them for millennia, they're on a comparable level of preservation to, for instance, the early Iron Age corpses (c. earlier 1st millennium CE) found in a similar state in Scandinavia.

...Or the potential wealth of evidence which, hypothetically, is there to be found (for one) in the Darfur region of Sudan, likely to profoundly expand our understanding of the expansion of the Nubian and ultimately Pharaonic Egyptian cultural ethos into northern West Africa, especially from the early centuries of the first millennium CE.  ...Except, Oops, a quarter century of continuous warfare.  At this point, if archaeologists ever got there, they'd have to dig underneath the mass graves.

But to end on a better note, I dearly love and admire the way in which so many metal detectorists in Europe have effectively become a fifth column for more established archaeological and curatorial institutions.  The UKDFD (UK Detector Finds Database) and the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme are full of contributions by detectorists who have been responsible enough to ensure that their finds have some measure of informed, official, and correspondingly public documentation.  On the Continent, folks like @galba68 (lately here) are doing precisely the same thing.  Hats off!  


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